Motives For Terrorism

I have heard terrorism experts talking from all over the world. They nearly all make the same error. They presume terrorists have no motive for their attacks. The experts claim terrorists simply hate the west for no reason.

I find this astounding. Surely terrorism experts would have completed a deep study of the motivations of terrorists. They are not mysterious. Bin Laden explained his reasons. The terrorist recruitment sites give their reasons. The reasons are obvious: the United States illegally and unprovoked attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, killed millions of people, mostly children, used banned weapons and routinely used torture then sold off the oil. Further, the west has supported Israel in taking Palestinian land and funded its apartheid system. These are not classified secrets.

We can’t very well commit atrocities like those and expect the victims to be totally cool with them. My question is, are these experts really that stupid, or are they just following the party propaganda line?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)