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War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-05-29 1963-11-22 age:46)
Ehren Watada Lt. Erhen Watada, 29 year old Lieutenant at Fort Lewis refuses to fight in Iraq because the war is illegal. To do so would make him a war criminal, the same as all the American soldiers serving in Iraq who mindlessly followed orders like so many Nazi sheep and by fighting an aggressive war the UN (United Nations) declared illegal. Recall the excuse Just following orders did not cut it at Nurmemberg. The Nazis were hanged simply for waging an agressive war, which is also the case in Iraq since the USA attacked unprovoked using forged excuses. When I read the viewer feedback on the FOX Q13 website, I was horrified to discover the majority of responders believe that a soldier should follow orders even when they are illegal.
Cindy Sheehan Cindy Sheehan, protesting the pointless death of her son in the Iraq war.
Iraq protester
Real suffering bravely borne, melts even a heart of stone. Such is the potency of suffering. And there lies the key to Satyagraha.
~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-10-02 1948-01-30 age:78)
Protester at rally to stop the Iraq war, shot by Oakland Police officers, who fired wooden pellets at protesters on 2003-04-09.
Bomb Iraq
Kill kids in Eye-raq. No reesin necesarry.
Maroon who confuses the war with a football game.

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