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Leaks in the 2001-09-11 Conspiracy

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Conspiracy Leaks

Why have there been no leaks in the 2001-09-11 conspiracy? David Griffin tackles this in the Q & A section of his video excerpt  click to watch.

Consider that even larger projects were successfully kept under wraps: the Manhattan project and the war in Indonesia.

If, for example, an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agent decided to talk, he would face criminal proceedings, and possible life imprisonment. There is no one to protect the whistle-blower’s family while he is in prison. The only way he can legally talk is if he is subpoenaed and forced to talk.

There have been whistle-blowers, such as FBI translator Sibel Edmonds who testified for three and half hours to the 2001-09-11 commission but her testimony was censored out of the 2001-09-11 Commission report.

Note how nearly everyone who spoke out on JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) ’s assassination ended up dead. There are dozen of people who crossed the Bush administration and ended up committing suicide, having accidents or receiving anthrax letters from terrorists.

A related question is why have not the newspapers and TV networks gone after the scandals? The answer is simple. They are owned by Republicans and the CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) are Republicans. Note how they fail to report on any story damaging to the Republicans, e.g. Gannongate or the $3 trillion embezzlement  click to watch. They were very slow to report on the torture at Abu Ghraib. For yet another reason, check out what happened to photo editor Bob Stevens at the National Enquirer when he published a photo embarrassing to Bush, or when Margie Schoedinger reported a Bush crime to the police, or when 76 children testified against Bush 41’s paedophile ring, or when James Hatfield wrote a book about Bush’s sordid past, or when Tom Daschle, Pat Leahy and Paul Wellstone opposed the Bush plan to give immunity to liability to the asbestos companies, or when Hunter S. Thompson was just about to publish a book about Bush sex scandals, or Giuliana Segrena and her bodyguard Nicola Calipari when she dared write about the Bush atrocities in Iraq.

Those lethal co-incidences must give a reporter pause about being the first one to break a story fatal to the Bush presidency. Also consider the Patriot Act allows Bush to secretly arrest anyone and lock them up indefinitely without charge and torture them to death. If you were a reporter, how brave would you be? It has certainly crossed my mind the Bush crime family might go after people with websites like mine critical of his administration. I figured, though, that I am too low profile for them to bother with.

The most convincing piece of evidence for me that Bush was not complicit in 2001-09-11 is that former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill did not rat on him in The Price of Loyalty. O’Neill gingerly ratted on Bush about Iraq. Perhaps O’Neill figured going any further would definitely result in an accidental death for him or one of his family members. Perhaps Bush never let O’Neill in on anything but money and global climate change matters.

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