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History of Previous 9/11s

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Has There Ever Been Anything Like This Before?

In the Kennedy era, there was a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) plan called Operation Northwoods, whose job was to trick the American public into supporting a war with Cuba. Among the plans included faking a plane crash and blaming John Glenn’s death on the Cubans if his first flight failed, using falsified evidence.

Working back in history…

The daughter of the Kuwait ambassador made a tearful video telling how Iraqi soldiers had thrown newborn babies on the floor and stolen their incubators. It was a complete fabrication. This helped fuel the emotional justification for the US invading Iraq.

In 1967, Israelis blew up American ships, including the USS Liberty and blamed it on the Arabs, hoping to gain sympathy to their cause.

FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) failed to pass on a warning about the Pearl Harbor attack, knowing it would be sufficient to anger Americans into joining the war.

Nazis burned down the Reichstag (the German parliament) and blamed it on those opposed to war and used it as a pretext to arrest all dissenters. See this video on the parallels between Bush and Hitler.

Some claim Churchill sacrificed the Lusitania to persuade America to join . Don’t.

Some claim the Maine was sunk and blamed on the Spanish to justify the Spanish-American war.

You can even follow these frauds back to the time of the Caesars.

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