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George Bush’s Response to 9/11

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The Response

Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.
~ Bertrand Russell (1872-05-18 1970-02-02 age:97)

George W. Bush’s response to 2001-09-11 is not really a war on terrorism. George W. Bush himself says he does not even care where bin Laden is.

I don’t know where he is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71) 2002-03-13

It is about the oil.

It is about the oil.

It is about the oil, both in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Defense Department claims 12 nations with nuclear weapons programs, 13 with biological weapons, 16 with chemical weapons and 28 with ballistic missiles as existing and emerging threats to the United States. But only one of those countries sits atop the second largest oil reserves in the world. [Iraq]
~ Charles Peña , Senior Defense Policy Fellow of the Cato Institute, for The Chicago Tribune

The following chart explains American foreign policy and its so-called war on terrorism.

rank Country 2001
proved Oil reserves
(billion barrels)
1 Saudi Arabia 261.7
2 Iraq 112.5
3 United Arab Emirates 97.8
4 Kuwait 96.5
5 Iran 89.7
6 Venezuela 76.9
7 Russia 48.6
8 Libya 29.5
9 Mexico 28.3
10 China 24.0
Go back to 1963 when Lyndon Johnson was president. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), under John McCone, installed Saddam Hussein as dictator of Iraq #2 because a previous dictator had done the very naughty thing of nationalising two companies.

Saddam Hussein is a bastard. But he is America’s bastard. He worked for the CIA. Lots of the world’s bastards work for the CIA. They are all traitors to their own countries. No wonder they have a nasty habit of turning on the USA too.

The USA wanted control of Iran’s oil #5. In the ensuing scuffle, the Iranians took hostages and Reagan survived the Irangate arms-for-hostages scandal.

Kuwait #4 and Iraq #2 were having a dispute. Kuwait was siphoning off Iraq’s oil by diagonally drilling into Iraq. Saddam Hussein, like a good CIA boy, asked permission from the USA to invade Kuwait. US Ambassador April Glaspie said it would not intervene. Then it did. That was Bush Sr. and the Gulf war I.

What was the result? The USA gained control of Kuwait’s oil and almost gained control of Iraq’s oil through its treachery/altruism.

Then came 2001-09-11. George W. Bush claims bin Laden did it and that the bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan. He refused to show evidence to anyone for either claim. The US invaded Afghanistan and is still occupying it. Note that Afghanistan is not on the top ten list. If it is really about the oil, why bother occupying Afghanistan? — for the Caspian sea pipeline I mentioned earlier.

Even though the hijackers were Saudis #1 and George W. Bush claimed to have proof the Saudi bin Laden did it, suddenly he decided that Iraq #2 was the new terrorist problem. UN (United Nations) inspectors found nothing. George W. Bush again refused to show anyone, not even the inspectors, his evidence that Iraq was a threat. George W. Bush then announced a $1.9 trillion dollar first strike invasion of Iraq. (In the last one, the US had the pretext of going to Kuwait’s rescue.) Surely George W. Bush will succeed this time and gain control of Iraq’s oil where Bush Sr. failed. Bush 41’s budget was a paltry $200 billion.

In the meantime, the CIA is playing its usual games destabilising the government in Venezuela, #6 on the list.

There are stories floating around that Saddam is hiding in Libya #8. The average American in the street thinks this is sufficient justification for a nuclear first strike on Libya. That might damage the oil, but a regular invasion on that pretext would give control of Libya’s oil #8.

The really fat plum is Saudi Arabia, #1. However, George W. Bush dare not invade Saudi Arabia because it contains the holy great black stone, the Ka’ba in Mecca. If he did that he would have 2 billion Muslims down his neck with religious zealotry fueling them. Bush Sr. got in hot water just for having planes in the country with Saudi permission.

So instead George W. Bush has to get Saudi oil by propping up the decadent (I mean really really decadent decadence that you can’t even buy in America) royal family and the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family. (Bush Sr. was business partners with bin Laden Sr.) bin Laden Jr. worked for the CIA and the French secret service reported him meeting with CIA big wigs in a hospital a mere 72 days prior to 2001-09-11 and were so annoyed that the CIA did not arrest him, that they leaked the information to the Paris newspaper Le Figaro which published it.

I remind you again that George W. Bush’s cabinet has almost nobody in it except ex oil executives.

Is this not enough make you suspicious oil had something to do with George W. Bush’s war on terrorism with his coming first strike (euphemistically called preemptive) war where no one can produce any evidence at all that it is even remotely justified? All you have is a politician’s word on it.

Q. How do you know what a politician is lying?
A. His lips move.

All war is deception.
~ Sun Tzu (544 BC 496 BC age:48)

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