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George Bush’s Drug Addictions

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Drug Abuse

George W. Bush is an alcoholic. He claims he gave up drinking in 1986 at age 39 when Billy Graham convinced him. This is an obvious lie. You can see this video of him plastered six years later at Jamie Weiss’s 1992 wedding. On the tape he disses people who don’t drink or smoke marijuana as boring. He spends more time on holiday than any other president in history, during which time he is not photographed or seen. If he is bingeing, he is in no state to deal with a terrorist emergency.

According to the book Fortunate Son, bin Laden money, invested via James Bath, enabled George to get hooked on cocaine. He was earlier busted for cocaine in 1972 but got off with community service at Project P.U.L.L. a project for troubled black youth. In 1995, his father arranged to have the record purged and his son to get a new drivers’ license number. Like Margie Schoedinger who accused Bush of rape, the author of Fortunate Son, James Hatfield, was found in a public washroom with bullet in his brain, ruled by the authorities a suicide.

When questioned about his cocaine use, Bush said publicly he was not prepared to discuss any drug use in his past over 30 years ago on the grounds it might encourage youth to indiscretion. That is doubletalk. There are only two honest answers to the question, yes which would encourage youth to drug use and no, which would not. Therefore, it seems to me the president has already confessed publicly for all practical purposes, at least to anyone trained in mathematics or logic.

Bush claims voices told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. He has cokehead-like delusions of grandeur that this was God Himself talking to him, despite the biblical warning in John 5:37 this could not be true. Cocaine dictating foreign policy is national suicide.

There is so such thing as an ex-alcoholic, only a recovering alcoholic and there is no such thing as an ex-cocaine addict, only a recovering cocaine addict. Mandatory drug testing for the president and his staff is far more justified than for filing clerks, even if just to protect against that form of terrorist attack.

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