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Conclusions About 9/11

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As folk singer Ferron said in a concert here in Victoria, "I think Bush did it."

Who benefited?

Cui prodest scelus, is fecit.
The one who derives advantage from the crime is the one most likely to have committed it.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC 65 AD age:68)
The bottom line is George W. Bush and the neocons are sucking Americans into handing over their civil liberties and their lives at the request of big oil and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). They are the same ones who orchestrated that macabre bit of theatre known as 2001-09-11.

One of the amusing things is listening to the Bush administration defending the official story. They rely almost completely on ad hominem attacks portraying anyone who does not swallow the Bush story as a religious nut, someone totally uninterested in evidence, seeing plots under every bed, who would never be persuaded by any conceivable evidence, even PhDs, engineers and architects. Oddly they also attack by saying that 2001-09-11 skeptics have merely a large laundry list of anomalies in the official story and have not coalesced around a hypothesis of just who did what when. In other words, they accuse the skeptics of refusing to speculate. They just stick to hard facts, hardly a sign of religious thinking.

It is the Bush administration who wants to ignore observations that don’t fit with their story, primarily with an appeal to authority — it is inconceivable that the Bush administration could do wrong. [The Bush administration has committed crimes far worse than 2001-09-11, so I personally have no problem at all with conceiving they are wicked enough to commit such a crime, though I do have a problem believing they are competent enough to pull it off.] That deliberate ignorance is a symptom of religious thinking. The two most obvious facts they ignore are a video of owner Larry Silverstein saying he ordered the Tower 7 pulled and the fact all the towers fell faster than Newton’s law of gravity would predict if they simply fell, implying they all had some sort of push.

Every time we have been able to check up on George W. Bush, we discovered he lied. It is naïve then to trust that he told the whole truth about 2001-09-11.

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