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The Most Damning Evidence Against George Bush on 9/11

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The Most Damning Evidence

To my mind, the most damning evidence against George W. Bush is this:

George W. Bush read a children’s story aloud about a pet goat throughout the entire unfolding of 2001-09-11. There were four hijacked planes, two towers hit and he still kept reading the story. He did not monitor what was going on. He did not order any action. He did not even get himself to a safe location. I know this story is true because I have him on video tape. I bought a copy of the Great Conspiracy video showing Bush at the school. . Keep in mind when this video was shot, one tower was already hit. Unfortunately, that Memory Hole video does not catch Card whispering in Bush’s ear. It just shows him carrying on as if nothing happened. Nero played the violin while Rome burned. George W. Bush read a children’s story while New York burned.

Now how do you interpret this?

I agree there are many ways to interpret his inaction, but it seems every possible interpretation should be sufficient to impeach George W. Bush. Unfortunately, that fact alone is insufficient for impeachment. We have to determine which particular explanation actually applies.

Well, Mr. George W. Bush, what is your explanation? I think you owe the country one. You have been strangely silent. Can’t your spinmeisters come up with anything?

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