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George Bush’s caveman Conspiracy Theory of 9/11

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Bush’s Conspiracy Theory

Saudi Arabian hijackers used boxcutters to take control of four planes. Though they had never flown airliners before, they piloted them into the World Trade Tower I and II and the Pentagon in kamikaze attacks. No planes were able to intercept them.

Osama bin Laden masterminded the plot. Who is Osama?

Flight Aircraft From To Where Crashed Hit Collapsed Fatalities Notes
American Airlines Flight 11 Boeing 767 Boston Logan Los Angeles North Tower I of the World Trade Center 8:46 AM P10:28 AM 92 more were killed in the tower collapse
American Airlines Flight 175 Boeing 767 Boston Logan Los Angeles South Tower II of the World Trade Center 9:03 AM 10:05 AM 65 passenger list, more were killed in the tower collapse
American Airlines Flight 77 Boeing 757 Washington D.C. Dulles Los Angeles Pentagon 9:37 AM 64 No Arab passengers, though the plane was supposedly hijacked by Arabs.
United Airlines Flight 93 Boeing 757 Newark San Francisco Pennsylvania field between Lambertsville and Shanksville 10:06 AM 44 passenger list Rumsfeld implied the plane had been shot down. Bush says the plane just crashed for an unknown reason.
World Trade Tower 7 5:20 PM 0 collapsed from a fire without being hit by a plane or debris.

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