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George Bush and the Pet Goat

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What Was The Fascination With the Goat?

George W. Bush could easily have canceled the meeting with the school children to deal with the emergency, but he went ahead. Andy Card told him of the second hit during the meeting. He continued to talk with a girl about her pet goat. He did not seem in the least disturbed. He was like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Another possibility is that he was stoned on some drug, possibly alcohol (note his red nose in recent photos) and was incapable of dealing with anything more challenging than a goat.

Even in that case, you would have expected his handlers to whisk him off and tell him what to do. They, too, seemed utterly nonchalant, as though they were expecting the event and knew they were in no personal danger.

I have a video of the incident where George W. Bush ostensibly first heard of the attacks. I have watched it over and over. Two things strike me:

It almost looks as if George W. Bush were building an excuse for himself for inaction. Reading a story about a pet goat for 20 minutes to the school children while the World Trade center burned, was designed to give the impression he had no inkling of what was happening. Nearly everyone in America knew what was happening. Surely George W. Bush’s aides did too. To me it is inconceivable they would not have briefed him.

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