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Why Did No Planes Scramble on 2001-09-11?

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Why Did No Planes Scramble?

It is routine procedure after 3.5 minutes unable to establish to radio contact, or when a plane deviates from its flight plan to call in the military. There will be a plane up to investigate within 15 minutes. The flight controller does this all on this own. He does not need the president’s approval.

Yet the first plane was in the air for a hour without any action to stop it. Dozens of flight controllers would have seen the renegade planes, yet none ordered planes scrambled? Really?

Andrews air force base is home to a squadron of F16s and FA18s. It is only 19.31 km (12 miles) from the White House. One of its main functions is to protect Washington. Yet it sent up no planes until the evening.

You would think everyone would be on high alert after the first plane hit for the second and third planes. Yet again, no planes were scrambled to investigate or intercept them. Somebody had to have ordered them not to. George W. Bush surely had the power to override whoever blocked the scramble, but for some reason did not. He just meekly stood there and let the planes crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — hardly the actions of a hard drinkin', tough ridin' Texan.

I have asked various people who disagreed with this interpretation of events how they countered. Here are the arguments they came up with.

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