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2001-09-11 in a Nutshell

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In a Nutshell

  1. Speaking metaphorically, George W. Bush slept with the enemy, before, during and after 9-11.
  2. Speaking metaphorically, the arsonists (bin Laden & friends) had a dozen meetings with the building owner (George W. Bush) before the fire (9-11).
  3. Bush Sr. and bin Laden Sr. are business partners from way back. They both still work together for defence contractor Carlyle Group.
  4. bin Laden met with CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) bigwigs 72 days prior to 911 in Dubai in a hospital. They did not arrest him.
  5. Bush asked the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to stop its investigation of the bin Laden family prior to 2001-09-11.
  6. In the week prior to 2001-09-11 all of Bush’s cabinet met with Mahmud Ahmad, the Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) head of security, the man who is fingered in bankrolling bin Laden by wiring to $100,000 to the lead hijacker Mohamed Atta. The instant the first plane hit on 2001-09-11 hit Mahmud Ahmad was having breakfast with Representative Porter Goss, R-Sanibel, Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida) and other members of the House Intelligence Committee.
  7. As 2001-09-11 unfolded, according to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) ’s Fifth Estate, Bush Sr. dined with bin Laden’s brother, Shafig bin Laden at the Ritz Carlton hotel.
  8. As 2001-09-11 unfolded, Bush holed up with a bunch of children reading them a story about a pet goat. All planes were ordered to land. No planes were scrambled. Bush did not give the order to fire until after 2001-09-11 was over.
  9. bin Laden conveniently left a confession tape behind in Afghanistan and made other public pronouncements of his guilt.
  10. The head German security said Al-Qaeda could not possibly have pulled it off. It was far beyond their capability.
  11. Bush appointed Thomas Kean as 2001-09-11 investigator. He has business ties with the bin Laden family.
  12. Bush invaded Afghanistan without showing any evidence either bin Laden or Afghanistan had anything to do with 2001-09-11. He continues to occupy Afghanistan under a new dictator, Unocal’s Hamid Karzai and they are building a Unocal pipeline through Afghanistan (which is what I originally predicted the war was really all about.) The people are no better off. They have the exact same nightmares, with the addition of rape gangs. To top it off, Afghanistan is now #1 in the world in heroin exporting due to a complete lack of drug enforcement. It would cost only $20 million to totally shut down the heroin trade, but Bush Inc. Red Ink has allowed a staggering 3000 tons to be exported. Bush is now the biggest heroin pusher in America, reviving the drug trade the Taliban had shut down. The UN (United Nations) announced they were exporting 75% of the world’s supply and later ABC news said they were exporting 87% of the world’s supply.
  13. Bush tries to confuse the American public making them think bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are one and the same. This way he can punish Saddam and let bin Laden off free.
What are you to make of all this?

It seems that if bin Laden is guilty, then so is Bush. Bush helped whomever did 2001-09-11 by making sure none of the four planes were shot down.

I suspect that bin Laden is just a CIA operative, doing his job.

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