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Ties Between Bush and the 2001-09-11 Terrorists

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Links Between Bush and the Terrorists

Unlike most people, I am not so sure bin Laden masterminded 2001-09-11. The only evidence I have seen that he did is Bush’s say so, yet nothing else Bush has ever told me was true. Further, Bush tried to pass off a counterfeit video tape made by the Israeli Mossad where bin Laden confessed to 2001-09-11. In cop shows, whoever frames someone is always the real culprit.

There are a suspicious number of links between Bush and the terrorists. Their chumminess demands an explanation and none has been forthcoming. Let’s look at them:

  1. George Bush Sr. and bin Laden Sr. were business partners.
  2. The bin Laden family financed George W. Bush’s early failed businesses. From their generous contributions, even though the companies failed, George was still able to live high on the hog. According to the book Fortunate Son bin Laden money, invested via James Bath, enabled George to get hooked on cocaine. He was busted in 1972 but got off with community service at Project P.U.L.L. a project for troubled black youth. In 1995, his father arranged to have the record purged and his son to get a new drivers’ license number.
  3. George Bush Sr. and the bin Laden family are on the board of the Carlyle Group, a large defense contractor.
  4. The respected French daily Le Figaro owned by the Carlyle Group which employs George Bush Sr., reported that Osama bin Laden underwent treatment 72 days prior to 2001-09-11 at the American Hospital in Dubai, he met a senior CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) official. He was not arrested even though he was internationally wanted. Radio France corroborated the story.
  5. According to the University of Ottawa Professor Michel Chossudovsky in his essay Cover-up or Complicity of the Bush Administration? The Rôle of Pakistan’s Military Intelligence ( ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)) in the September 11 Attacks, in the week prior to 2001-09-11 all of Bush’s cabinet met with Mahmud (sometimes spelt Mahmoud) Ahmad, the Pakistani ISI head of security, the man who is fingered in bankrolling bin Laden by wiring $100,000 to the lead hijacker Muhamed Atta just prior to 2001-09-11. During the week before 2001-09-11, Ahmad met with nearly all of the top people in Bush’s administration. The instant the first plane hit on 2001-09-11 hit Mahmud Ahmad was having breakfast with Representative Porter Goss, R-Sanibel, Senator Bob Graham D-Florida and other members of the House Intelligence Committee. In Crossing the Rubicon, Mike Ruppert lists the exact times of each meeting and who was present. Ahmad’s punishment for his rôle was being given early retirement according to the Times of India 2001-10-09.
  6. Bush claimed to have seen images of the first tower hit before any video had been released. What was he talking about? Did he see some simulation videos?
  7. George W. Bush arranged for the bin Laden family to escape the USA by private jet when everyone else was still under lockdown. The bin Laden family were asked no questions. The bin Laden family have publicly renounced the black sheep Osama, but still talk to him on the phone and still give him large sums of money.
  8. Revelations that charitable donations by Bandar’s wife Princess Haifa al-Faisal were sent to associates of associations of two Sept. 11 hijackers had some Congressmen questioning Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the war on terrorism.
    ~ Time Magazine 2002-12
    The donation was $140,000 according the Village Voice. Prince Bandar is the Saudi Ambassador to the USA. Bush calls him Bandar Bush and has been a close personal friend for many years. Bush parties with him. He is a charming member of the decadent Saudi royal family and these guys make Michael Jackson look normal. Child rape is standard party entertainment among Saudi royals.
  9. Pakistan’s Secret Police (ISI ), which has close ties to the CIA, secretly airlifted several thousand members of Al Qaeda and, perhaps Osama, out of Afghanistan to safety shortly after 2001-09-11.
If it were me with this many links to the terrorists, I would be rotting in Guantánamo. If it were Clinton, he would by lynched. But because it is Bush, people pretend not to notice. I think before too much more money is wasted chasing phantom terrorists, it would be wise to interrogate Bush under oath to find out just what he knows. He seems to be on intimate terms with the reputed perpetrators.

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