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Mike Vreeland and 9/11

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The Vreeland 2001-09-11 Warning

According to some, Delmart Mike Vreeland, an American navy man, gave Canadian government officials a letter prior to 2001-09-11 warning of the coming 2001-09-11 attack:

"The initial strike or attack, will be started at the WTC (World Trade Centre) on 2001-09-11, by our brothers in faith…If everything goes as planned the attack will work. After Americans, who undoubtedly will think that Osama is to be blamed and will start a war with his group…"

The notes listed a number of potential terrorist targets including the Sears Towers, World Trade Center, White House and Pentagon; as well as the phrase, Let one happen. Stop the rest!!

Ron Anicich claim Mike Vreeland was a fraud perpetrated for who knows why, exposed by a judge. I have not delved into it enough to have an opinion. I consider it is a side issue, that can wait till later to be resolved.

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