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George Bush’s Lie about 9/11

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Why Did George W. Bush Lie About When He Was First Told of The Attacks?

The official story, reiterated in the May 31 TIME Magazine, was that George W. Bush was first told during his interview with the children, just after the second plane hit. It seem odd the president was one of the last Americans to find out about it. I thought he had a team of advisors and the most expensive communications equipment in the world, to keep him right on top of this sort of thing.

However, it appears he was acting. News reporters talked to him right after the first hit, asking "have you just heard what just happened in New York to which he replied yes". Later, as reported in a White House website transcript he answered a question from a student named Jordan, where he tells a rather silly story of seeing the first plane hit on TV and thinking the pilot must not be very good.

That is an odd story. There was no video of the first hit on TV until September 12. Did George W. Bush view footage taken by his own TV crew?

George W. Bush lied at least one of those three times. Why?

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