Dependence on Oil

We humans have a serious problem. We are in the midst of a population explosion sustained by oil. As the oil runs out, we will only have the resources to support 1 in 9 of the current population. If we want to avoid the chaos of mass famines and wars, it would be wise to lower the population gradually via non-violent means. Various groups have attacked the population problem in different ways:

  1. The pope urges his flock to breed like rabbits and harass people who do not have children, particularly homosexuals.
  2. Republicans lobby hard to make sex education, abortion and birth control illegal to increase pregnancies by single women.
  3. Soldiers go to foreign countries and kill people.
  4. Priests force sex on children, thus traumatising them and making it difficult for them to create families as adults.
  5. Some cultures prefer male children and use sex selection technology or abortion to assure a male child. The resulting societies have an excess of males who cannot find female partners or breed.
  6. The Chinese tried to institute a one-child policy, but the people thwarted them at every turn.
  7. Gay people rarely reproduce, though they sometimes raise children others have abandoned.

It seems to me that gays are most responsible of all, yet society treats them with contempt. On the other hand the pope, soldiers and priests behave in the most unethical way, yet they enjoy the highest status.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)