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[Z] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


Zandar(802) 899-1058SGML
Zenith Data Systems(416) 231-0454Fax Canada
(416) 232-2660Voice Canada
(708) 697-4800
(708) 808-4300
(708) 808-5000monitors
(800) 553-0331monitors
Zeno Computer Products(714) 923-4841
(714) 923-6519Fax
Zenographics(714) 851-6352Voice
Zentronics(613) 226-6352Fax
(613) 226-8840
Zeos International(612) 228-5389TDD Orders
(612) 633-1325Fax Orders
(612) 633-4591Minnesota Orders
(612) 633-6131Outside USA and Canada
(800) 423-5891Orders
Zetaco(612) 941-9480Tech Support
Ziatech(805) 541-0488
Ziffnetsee Compuserve
Zilog(408) 370-8000
ZipCode(613) 230-0995Fax
(613) 230-8339Voice Canadian Postal Codes
Zoltrix(415) 657-1188
(510) 657-1188
Zoom Telephonics(617) 423-1072
(800) 631-3116Voice
Zoomit EMAIL(416) 866-7442
ZSoft(404) 427-1150Fax ??
Zsoft(404) 428-0008Tech Support
Zycad Rapid Prototyping(201) 366-8100
Zydacron(603) 647-1000
ZyXEL(714) 693-0705Fax
(714) 693-0808Voice
(800) 255-4101Voice (manufacture modems)

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