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[X] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


X-Alt(800) 899-9258
X-Ray Scanner(310) 214-1474Fax
(310) 214-1900colour scanners
x/Open (CAE)(415) 323-7992
Xante(205) 476-8189
Xantel(602) 437-8515
makes graphics program for creating icons, including 3D extrusions.
Xebec(702) 883-4000Tech Support
Xecom(408) 945-6640
Xenium Communications(805) 642-4676
Xentek(619) 471-4001
makes ensures your HTML links are not broken.
Xenu link checker
Xerox(213) 306-4000General Computer Services
(213) 536-7000laser printers
(214) 436-2616Tech Support
(416) 477-9912Tech Support Canada
(416) 733-6538Voice Canada
(800) 822-8221Ventura Upgrades
(800) 832-6979
(800) 835-9013
Xidex(408) 970-6060Fax
(408) 988-3472Tech Support
(800) 422-3455
(800) 552-2211Tech Support
Xilimr(408) 559-7778
Xinex Networks(800) 663-3399
Xiox(415) 375-8188
Xircom(416) 479-0230Canada ??
(800) 874-4428Sales
(805) 376-9100Fax
(805) 376-9200Tech Support
XLsoft International(714) 786-2353
Xpedite Systems(800) 966-3297
Xtend Communication(212) 725-2000
XTquest(508) 671-0888Tech Support
Xtreesee Symantec
Xylogics(617) 272-3159Fax
(617) 272-8140Terminal servers
Xyplex(508) 264-9900Terminal servers
(508) 264-9930Fax
XYxis(612) 949-2388Tech Support

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