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[R] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


RAAC Technologies(414) 277-1889
Racal Interlan(508) 263-8655Fax
(508) 263-9929Voice
(800) 526-8255Voice
Racal-Datacom(305) 846-6808
Racal-Milgo(800) 722-2555
RAD Data Communications(201) 529-1100
RAD Network Devices(800) 969-4123Voice ??
see Lannet
Radcom Equipment(201) 529-2020
Radish Communications(303) 443-1659Fax
(303) 443-2237VoiceView
RadiSys(800) 950-0044
Radius(408) 434-0127Fax
(408) 434-0770Fax
(408) 434-1010monitors
(408) 434-6437Fax
(408) 954-6857Voice
(800) 227-2795monitors
Radix II(301) 567-5200
Ralph Nader
RAM Research(510) 603-1122Computer Telephony
Rambus(415) 903-3800
(415) 965-1528Fax
Rancho Technology(714) 987-3966Tech Support
(714) 989-2365Fax
Ranmar Business(514) 875-6709
Rapid Systems(206) 784-4311
Rapiersee VideoLogic
RasterOps(408) 562-4065Fax
(408) 562-4200monitors
(800) 729-2656monitors
Rational Systems(800) 666-2585
RCA/Data Communications Divisio(717) 295-6000printers
ReadRightsee OCR Systems
ReadRight Personalsee OCR Systems
see Progressive Networks
RealVideosee Progressive Networks
ReCall International(214) 772-3200??
Recognita(408) 241-5772Voice
(408) 241-6009Fax
Recognita Plussee Recognita
RED Electronics(416) 492-2510Fax
(416) 492-3333
(800) 387-6121Network equipment
Redcom Laboratories(716) 924-7550
Reference Software(415) 541-0222Tech Support
(415) 541-0509Fax
(800) 872-9933Voice
Reference Technology(303) 449-4157Tech Support
Reflections(613) 230-4321
(613) 448-2588
Relax Technology(415) 471-6112Tech Support
Reliable Communications(800) 222-0042
Relisys(408) 945-0587Fax
(408) 945-1062printers
(408) 945-9000monitors
(800) 635-0999
Reltek(613) 592-2411
REMS Software(201) 744-2150
Remuera Corp(613) 235-2321
(613) 235-4949Fax
Renaissance GRX(206) 454-0511Voice
Reply(800) 955-5295Cables
ReporiSmith(900) 555-1011PC/SQL
ReportSmith(408) 461-9150PC/SQL
(800) 673-2288cedit card help PC/SQL
see Borland
Resource Partners(603) 522-9500
Response Logic(617) 969-0818
Restoresee Canadian Mind Products
Results Technologies(305) 921-2400
Retix(213) 399-2200Voice
(213) 458-2685Fax
(800) 255-2333Voice
Reveal(818) 704-6300
Revelation Tech (Cosmos)(206) 643-9898Voice
(206) 746-1629Tech Support
Revolmakes shareware HTML editor
Rhetorex(408) 370-0881
Richard Clement EDV
Richard Dawkins
Richmond Software(604) 299-0947Tech Support
(604) 299-2121Voice
(604) 299-6743Fax
Ricoh(201) 882-2000
(415) 962-0441Fax
(415) 962-0443Tech Support
Right to Die Society
RightFAX(602) 327-1357
RighTimesee Air System Technology
Rightsoft(813) 952-9211Tech Support
RightWritersee Que Software
RING! Service Centre(905) 672-9227Computer Telephony ??
RingDirectorsee Lynx Automation
River, James Groupsee James River Group
RJD Associates(800) 543-8234
RMT Systems(714) 863-1092Tech Support
Robert-Andrew Associates(609) 662-1290Voice
(609) 662-8540Fax
Rochelle Communications(512) 339-8188
Rockwell International(708) 960-8000
Rodime Systems(407) 994-6200Tech Support
(407) 997-6135Fax
(800) 688-9390Voice
Roedy Greensee Canadian Mind Products
Roedy Green Phone List
Rogers Cablemakes The Wave cable
(800) 446-0792The Wave Hotline
Rogers Telecomm
Roland(213) 685-5141MIDI boards
(416) 624-5944Canada
Roland Projects(303) 220-9969
RoseSoft(206) 562-0225Orders
Roykore(415) 563-0836Fax
(415) 563-9175
RSA Data Security(650) 295-7600
(650) 295-7700Fax
RSI Systems(612) 896-3020
Ruby on Rails
Ryan Macfarland(512) 343-1010
(800) 762-6265RM COBOL
Ryan Mcfarland(213) 541-4828Tech Support
RYBS Electronics(303) 444-5073
(303) 444-9727
RZ-1000see PC Tech

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