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[3] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


3 Comm Access Products(908) 721-1337
3-Soft(514) 646-7603OS/2 software
313RE (Powerwatch)(914) 623-1630Voice
386Maxsee Qualitas
3Com(408) 492-1790RMA outside North America
(408) 727-7021FAXBACK
(408) 764-5000Voice
(408) 764-5032Fax
(408) 764-7120Fax RMA
(408) 764-7290Fax RMA outside North America
(415) 969-2099
(800) 638-3266Voice
(800) 876-3266RMA
(905) 882-9964Canada to find network supplier
see Hewelett-Packard
3DLabs(408) 436-3455
3M(612) 733-9771Tech Support
(612) 736-1876Voice
(612) 736-5254Fax

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