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[K] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


Kalman Technologies(604) 684-3118
Kalok(408) 435-2800Tech Support
(408) 747-1315Business Office
(408) 747-1319Fax
Kalpana(408) 428-1150Voice
(408) 428-1161Fax
Kaman(800) 955-1253
KAO-Didak Diskettes(613) 623-2886Fax
(613) 623-7901Voice
(800) 263-9696Voice
Karisma Enterprises(404) 446-0776
Karsten Lentzschsee JGoodies
makes antivirus software
Kaypro(619) 481-3900Tech Support
KDS(706) 251-2621Computer Telephony
KEA Sys(604) 431-0727ZSTEM VT3xx emulation software
(604) 431-0818Fax, VT-220 keyboard for PC
Keithley Metrabyte(508) 880-3000
Keller Group(612) 429-7273
Kennect Technology(408) 370-2866Tech Support
Kensington Microware(212) 475-5200Tech Support
(714) 435-2600
Key Voice(813) 922-3800Computer Telephony
Key Voice Technologies(800) 419-3800
Keytronic(509) 927-5515Voice
(800) 262-6006Tech Support
Kila Systems(303) 444-7737Voice
(303) 786-9983Fax
KILT Telecom(703) 818-4486
Kiman(800) 486-4653
Kimpsion International(408) 259-7057Fax
(408) 729-6654Tech Support
Kinesis keyboards
Kinglesy/ATF Type(800) 289-8973
Kingsley/ATF Type(201) 353-1000
KiResearch(410) 290-0355
(410) 290-0397Fax
Know It(800) 576-9537
Knowledge Garden(518) 766-3000Voice
(518) 766-3003Fax
Kobetron(513) 298-8244
Kodak(513) 259-3100printers
(716) 724-1682
(800) 244-2424Voice
(800) 255-3434Tech Support
(800) 344-0006printers
Kodiak Technology(408) 441-1273Fax
(408) 441-6900
Konan(602) 345-1300Tech Support
(602) 345-2829Fax
Konica Business Machines(203) 683-2222
KopyKatsee Hilgraeve
Kraft Systems(619) 724-7146Tech Support
Kriya Systems(703) 430-8800
Kurta(203) 846-7780
(602) 276-5533
Kye Systems(510) 226-6311Fax
(510) 226-8288
Kyocera Memory Prod(619) 492-1456Fax
(619) 576-2702Tech Support
Kyocera Printers(800) 323-0470
(908) 560-3400
Kyocera Unison(415) 748-6680laser printers
(415) 848-6680General
(800) 367-7437

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