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Google makes huge amounts of money selling ads, many of which it shows to users of its search engines. It uses this money to dabble in all manner of other projects, in a rather dilettantish way, often abandoning projects before they are properly polished.

Google has dropped its directory.

There is talk of Google being sold. This would be a bad thing. Much of what we trust Google to do would be completely unacceptable in the hands of a less ethical company.

The biggest problem with Google is most of what they offer is free. They thus feel no obligation to their customers. They casually drop products without notice or drastically redesign them without concern for existing users. They don’t even notify users of upcoming changes. They don’t do any kind of phase out when they drop a product. Suddenly a product or service you counted on is gone. The bottom line is, don’t count on anything from Google to be there tomorrow.
Lately Google has started asking you to fill in Captchas to do a search. Sometimes it gets into a infinite loop and refuses to do your search. All you can do in that case is try a rival search engine.

Google ConnectCommerce, a system for Google affiliates to place ads for your products for a fee, has been discontinued.

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