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SPDY (Speedy) pronounced Speedy is Google’s way of speeding up HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) transmission. Google owns the SPDY trademark, but the standard itself is open. It boosts performance by 40% by compressing messages. It is rapidly becoming an Internet standard and should soon become an official standard. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress use it on their servers. Firefox, Chrome and Opera use it in their client browsers. Jetty handles SPDY for Servlets. It is not an acronym, but an abbreviation for speedy. End users compose and render HTML just as before. It is just transparently delivered more efficiently than before. Over the last two decades, I have ranted repeatedly about how needlessly fluffy and inefficient HTML is, needlessly wasting bandwidth and slowing down browsers.

How It Works

SPDY fixes many of the problem by:

Essentially SPDY takes advantage of the fact that CPUs (Central Processing Units) have been getting much faster so can afford to do more processing on messages to cut the number of bytes that have to be transmitted.


Here are some of the problems SPDY has to contend with in its implementation:

You might see further developments in SPDY targeting only HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language v 5) just to keep the complexity down.

If I had my way, SPDY would become universal and HTML5 would always be transported in strict pre-tokenised and maybe even pre-parsed form. That would stop the pollution of the Internet with malformed HTML and would greatly reduce the browser footprint in handhelds since they would not need tokenizers or syntax correctors. All text would arrive predigested and error-free, ready to instantly blast on the screen. Unfortunately people, HTML editors and HTML generators (such as Servlets) all typically generate HTML with errors. Such junk could not be transmitted efficiently until all those errors were fixed. People are lazy and sloppy. However, if clean HTML resulted is faster rendering and sloppy HTML rendered no faster than now, I think users would start to demand providers clean up their acts.

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