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Search engines help you find material on the web. They are free. They make their money by showing you ads while you search. This entry will list the major search engines, tell you how to submit to them and discuss future search engine technology.
Introduction Obscure and National Search Engines Rant
General Search Set Up Your Own Search Engine Meta Words
Legend Submit Your Website to Mulitiple Engines Improving Your Ranking
Search Engine Sites Robots Links


Search engines help you find material on the web. They are free. They make their money by showing you ads while you search. Submitting your site to search engines for indexing is a major way to increase traffic to your site.

My personal favourite is Google. It weeds out the trash and goes straight for the gold. If you are looking for a particular class of product, give the name of several examples rather than trying to describe the category. About 40% of people use Yahoo, which is not a true search engine. It in more a catalog of webpages, manually created. Microsoft’s Bing is in third place.


Submit Colour Code
submit code meaning
(add) Free to list
Pay to list
Does not accept submissions

Search Engine Sites

Name URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Submit Notes
GoodSearch logo Donates to your selected charity when you use it. You can add your favourite charity to its list. Powered by Yahoo. Has an optional toolbar. It tracks your previous choice of favourite charity with a cookie.
google logo (USA) (Canada) (France) (Germany) (India) (Israel) (Italy) (Japan) (NZ) (Russia) (Spain) (Sweden) (UK)
(add USA) Details on Google search
yahoo logo Has an organised library-like directory structure, not just keyword search. Sometimes free, but sometimes you must pay $199.00 USD (or $600.00 USD if there is any adult content to be listed). I think they are cutting their throats with these extremely high fees. It takes them 8 to 12 weeks to index your site. See the suggest a site button on each page of the category tree to submit.
Bing does not accept submissions Microsoft’s search engine. Lets you search the web, images, videos, newsgroups and maps. How Bing differs from Google
about logo (add) human guides, categories and subcategorise links.
All The Web (add) Good for finding very obscure entries. aka FAST. They now get their data from Yahoo.
altavista logo (add) Very large database — indexes everything on the web pages, not just the keywords. Popular with job recruiters. Tends to overwhelm. No longer has a free personal version called Discovery for searching your own hard disks. Buried on the main menu, on the left bottom, in tiny type, is submit a URL to submit your web pages for indexing. It takes one to two weeks for them to index your site.
altavista logo (add) Like Altavista, but with more emphasis on Canadian content. Buried on the main menu, on the left, in tiny type, is add a URL to submit your web pages for indexing.
aol logo (add) I could not figure out how to add an URL.
ask logo (add) Née AskJeeves. I quite like this site because it collects data from several other search engines and filters out most of the junk. The owners have also done quite a bit of work organising answers to common queries pointing you right away to a good site. I found it most useful for example for researching holidays. To submit a URL you write to and a human decides if, where and how to include it in Jeeve’s database of questions.
CodeEchange Specialised for finding Java code.
copernic logo It uses which queries other search engines. The image search is particularly good. Ties into the Copernic desktop search to index and search your desktop machine.
dmoz logo (add) Has a Yahoo-like manual category system.
dogpile logo Works by asking other search engines in parallel to look. Does not accept submissions.
excite logo (add) Slightly cleverer at putting most important hits first better than Altavista. Excite the company is buying up other search Engine companies such as Magellan. Excite also sells search engines to sites that want an index just of their site. The add your site link is very easy to overlook. It is just below the thin horizontal blue line. It takes two to six weeks for them to index your site. FindThatFile For finding downloadable files, not HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) text.
Go Network logo (add)  
HotBot Logo (add) Now associated with either Ask Jeeve or Google. Formerly associated with Lycos.
Infoseek (add) Defunct now
InfoSpace logo (add)  
Iwon Logo (add) a sort of Publisher’s Clearing house prize site.
LookSmart (add)  
lycos logo (add) Grandfather of all search engines. It takes two to six weeks for them to index your site. Lycos (and brothers) form the second largest database, second only to Google. However, it refreshes it’s 2.1 billion pages every nine to eleven days. It now collapses multiple hits to the same website to one hit per website.
Lycos Germany
lycos logo (add) Only for Germany
Lycos Italia
lycos logo (add) Only for Italy
InFind defunct.
MapPlanet (add) Find things by latitude and longitude on a map. You can claim a cell for your web page.
MSN (Microsoft Network) (add)
Northern Light
northernlight logo Now a subscription based business news engine.
PlanetOcean Search Engine News, paid journal (add) Searches through 200 search engines, auctions and newsgroups. Née SavvySearch. The ultimate domain name for a search engine.
searchhound logo Must pay to list. Search rankings given to the highest bidder.
sympatico logo Has optional Canada-only filter. Lycos/MSN affiliate. Requires cookies turned on. Does not appear to accept submissions.
Zaba Search
TheYellowPages logo (add) Formerly the YellowPages
Torrentz (add) a search engine for BitTorrents
WebCrawler (add) originally owned by AOL (America Online), now part of Excite. It takes two to six weeks for them to index your site.

Obscure and National Search Engines

Name URL Submit Notes
123 India (add) India Related Only
7Search (add)  
Aache (add) Spanish
Big Finder (add)  
Columbus Finder (add) in German
Latin World (add) Latin America
Net Search (add)  
Ottawa Kiosk (add) Ottawa Canada only
Scrub The Web (add) search engine toolbar
The Net 1 (add)  
The Web 100 (add)  
Voila (add) French
Witch (add) In German and English
Wombat (add) Only for Australia
Yellow (add) Mexico

Set Up Your Own Search Engine

Software to set up your own search engine:

Services To Submit Your Website to Multiple Search Engines

You can submit your website to be included in multiple search engines via services such as: They will submit your home page to a number of search engines for incorporation. They may charge $40.00 USD or more for the service. See my student project to write a URL submitter. offers a service to optimise your site to raise its ranking in the search engines.


you can discourage search engines from indexing certain pages by using metatags like this:

<META name=robots content=noindex, nofollow>

You can also have a central robots.txt file like this:

user-agent: * # directed to all robots
Disallow: zips # whatever directory/file you don’t want indexed.


I would like to get the authors of the search engine software and the authors of the browsers such as: together for a month on some nice Caribbean island. They must learn to make their products work together more smoothly. Imagine the possibilities!

Meta Words

Meta words is something I hope search engines will start implementing. Unlike the features mentioned in my rant above, meta words do not require the co-operation of browser manufacturers.

Consider these sorts of question:

You can spend hours wading through more than you wanted to know about the battle of Hastings without ever finding out when it was fought. Similarly you will find all kinds detailed technical specs on ADSL, without ever getting a clue what it is or what it stands for. I propose adding meta words to queries that help direct the search engine, e. g. You won’t necessary find these metawords on the target pages. You infer them, e. g. HTML <DT> tags imply definition; retail sites imply buy numbers and A.D. imply dates. Right now search engines discard most potential meta words simply because they are too common as ordinary search targets.

Users could start using metawords without any change to their current habits. They are likely already including them unaware they are being ignored.

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