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Introduction Disadvantages of PDF
Similarities to HTML PDF Tools
Differences From HTML Links
Advantages of PDF


PDF (Portable Document Format). Adobe’s platform-independent format for distributing documents. You can recognize them by the *.pdf extension. You will find them commonly on commercial websites to distribute product literature or complex technical documentation. PDF allows searching and scrolling, just like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in a browser.

Similarities to HTML

PDF is similar to HTML in that:

Differences From HTML

PDF is different from HTML in that:

Advantages of PDF

The advantages of PDF format are:

Disadvantages of PDF

The disadvantages of PDF format are:

PDF Tools

You don’t have to choose. You can prepare your documents in PDF format, then export in HTML and post both on your website, reaping the benefits of both. Let your users decide which they prefer to view. Search engines will bring people to your site who then may choose look at the PDF , especially if they want a printed hard copy.

Entrofocus PitStop is a plug-in for Acrobat that solves many of the small irritations with Adobe Acrobat. It comes highly recommended.

Linux PDF tools tend to be free.

You can create PDF files using a Adobe Web-Based Conversion Service for $10.00 USD a month. This is a reasonable alternative for low volumes or to experiment.

JPedal is a Java library for reading and displaying PDF files. It has a JWS (Java Web Start) PDF viewer that lets you view a PDF file on any Java-supported platform. You can extract text or images from PDF files. You can extract data from FDF forms. There are three versions: There is a stripped down free open source version. The Enterprise version is  $600.00 USD for a single seat and  $1200.00 USD for a site licence. You need to negotiate a licence to include it in your distributed software.

You can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software such as Omnipage to extract data from pdfs.

Able2Extract PDF Converter: convert to Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc
Active PDF
Apache PDFBox
BFO: Big Faceless Organisation
Corel Fusion: PDF creator
Cute PDF: free tool to create PDF documents
Dynamic PDF generator
EasyPDF: various tools and drivers for PDF creation
Enfocus PitStop
free PDF converter: online and utility
FreePDFConvert: free online pdf create service
HTML ⇒ PDF: free, page at a time
HTML ⇒ PDF: UK, free, page at a time
iText: generate PDF on the fly
Jaspersoft JasperReports
Java PDF-Renderer library
List of PDF software
Merger For Java
Multivalent Open Source PDF viewer
Nuance PDF Converter
Nuance Power PDF
OpenOffice.org: word processor suite that can export PDF
PDFBox: open source
PDFCreator: open source for Windows — print to PDF

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