DjVu : Java Glossary


(pronounced jà vu) is a document format often used by equipment manufacturers for downloadable versions of their paper manuals and product brochures. It could be looked on as a compressed PDF (Portable Document Format). The viewer decompresses just the page you are currently viewing. The format is open. You can read about how it works.

Documents usually have the extension djvu, djv or pdf.djvu.

The MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type is image/vnd.djvu.

DjVu DjVu : free browser plug-in viewer. It needs a little polishing. In particular, you can’t just drag the window to the size you want. You must select it numerically. The F3 key does not do a repeat find. You must click the Next button.

DjView DjView: free standalone viewer.

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