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EPS (Encapsulated Post Script). An ordinary PostScript program with a set of special comment headers on the front. The header looks something like this:
%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-1.2
%%Creator: Adobe Illustrator 88(TM) 1.8.3
%%For: (Dan) (Laser\325s Edge)
%%Title: (HP.ibm)
%%CreationDate: (5/25/89) (3:50 PM)
%%DocumentProcSets: Adobe_packedarray 0 0
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: Adobe_packedarray 0 0
%%DocumentProcSets: Adobe_cmykcolor 0 0
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: Adobe_cmykcolor 0 0
%%DocumentProcSets: Adobe_cshow 0 0
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: Adobe_cshow 0 0
%%DocumentProcSets: Adobe_customcolor 0 0
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: Adobe_customcolor 0 0
%%DocumentProcSets: Adobe_Illustrator881 0 0
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: Adobe_Illustrator881 0 0
%%ColorUsage: Black&White
%%DocumentProcessColors: Black
%%BoundingBox:6 27.5 563 322.5
%%TemplateBox:0 -195.5 576 524.5
%%TemplateFile: MacFly 40::2:HP.TIFF.pnt
%%TileBox:-576 776 0 1552
The additional information gives hints about what the rendered image will look like. It includes the size (BoundingBox), required library code needed and colour separations. An EPS file is just a little self-contained PostScript program that when run, draws an image — on a typesetter, printer or screen. It may do this programmatically or with voluminous embedded bit maps. This is the most popular format of graphics file in the typesetting industry. It will render the precise same image on any device.

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