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A company that makes a great many products involving the creating of graphic and text images. They are the inventors of PostScript, which is the magic that allows files to be printed unmodified on hundreds of different models of printer and typesetter. They created Adobe Acrobat and PDF (Portable Document Format). They sell the Adobe Type Manager which lets you use PostScript fonts on your screen and also lets you rapidly install and uninstall suites of fonts. They invented digital photo editing with Photoshop. The invented digital illustration with vectors and layers in Adobe Illustrator. They refined the art of layout with In Design. They are a remarkably innovative company of high quality products. I have only two complaints with them. Their products are often slow and they are always expensive. However, latest versions seem much more spritely.

They bought out Macromedia so now suppport ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Flash and Shockwave.

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