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aka FLV (Flash Video), Adobe’s (originally developed by Macromedia) client-side competitor to Java that runs in a browser like Applets. The current version is Last revised/verified: 2018-04-10. Its download is about 1.2 MB, compared with 3 MB for Shockwave and 14 MB for the Java run time. It was initially designed to do rapid animations with very small downloads.

Flash rudely installs McAfee Antivirus over and over without your permission. I am quite surprised a reputable company like Adobe would pull such a sleasy stunt. I guess they are not so reputable after all. You just have to keep uninstalling it.

Now it has been extended to handle data entry and database lookup functions. Macromedia decided to use fluffy XML as their transport protocol to the server. The downloaded files typically have the extension *.swt or *.swf. Temporarily turn off your virus checker to install it. I could never get the installer to work. I would always abort half way through with a timeout error. They have a direct install alternative that does work. I have no idea why they dick around with the indirect installer. The installer is incompetently written. It hides the active window behind other active windows. Further, it it installs crapware by default. You must disable it from doing that. Very unprofessional. I am surprised at Adobe behaving like some pirate site. Test your Flash installation.

Adobe has effectively abandoned it, moving to HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language v 5) instead.

The HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to invoke Flash is an <object tag, perhaps augmented with a deprecated <embed tag to handle the older browsers.

Google Chrome uses it own Pepper version of Flash that automaticaly updates with Chrome. You cannot install or update it separately. IE too has its own special version of Flash. Opera, FireFox etc. use the same version.

Flash players are often customised, disguising the fact they are just ordinary flash. Look it options and settings for clues the player is Flash.

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