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Search engines wander over the Internet discovering new or changed html pages. They index the words of declared keywords in them. This sniffing process is called spidering.

The Altavista people used to distribute a free personal spider, Discover 1.1 that would index your local hard disk or arbitary websites. Then you could find stuff in them with the Discover search engine. I use a similar too called called Copernic for searching the complete JDK (Java Development Kit) documentation and Javadoc.


The trick to attracting visitors to your website is to help the search engines find what you have to offer so they will have it on tap in their indexes when people ask for it. This means you have to consider two things: Don’t cheat. Don’t lie. Don’t mislead. Above all, don’t litter your pages with spider food. 100% honesty helps and impresses the search engine companies and they reward you with higher preferential ranking. All those companies who offer to use deception to artifically boost your search enginge rankings may work for a short while, but they could well ruin your reputation and, consequently, your long term hit rate.

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