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Google AdSense  Google AdSense

Google’s affiliate scheme to pay you for putting ads on your website where you get paid per click. The ads at the top and bottom of each page on this website are managed by Google AdSense.

Click throughs on those ads generates the revenues that pay the ISP (Internet Service Provider) bills for They also fund Google to the tune of $16 billion a year. This is what pays the bills for the free Google search engines.



How It Works

Google pays you for placing most ads on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. When advertisers target your particular website or webpage, they pay on a CPM (Cost Per thousand/Mille impressions) basis. You, as the displayer of the ad, will get something in the order of $.10 USD to  $1.50 USD per click based on your natural ranking, an advertising desirability measure.

The rate you get per click is a the result of an automatic auction between advertisers for the right to advertise to your site or your keywords. You get an undisclosed percentage of what the advertiser pays.

You must, of course, register as an affiliate first or they won’t know where to mail the cheque.

I keep the ads off the high traffic pages since they can slow down loading and, if Google is unreachable, can freeze the loading entirely. I have written Google repeatedly about the problem. There is also a problem using the website offsite when the ad content is not available. Google JavaScript needs to suppress the ad if when you are offline or if the ad does not appear within a few seconds. It should not hold up the entire page. For now, you have to turn off JavaScript for offline viewing of my web pages.

Ads can only appear on pages that Google spiders, so they must be open to robots.txt and appear in your optional sitemap. Google needs to examine their content to select relevant ads.


I really don’t like Google Adsense. If ever there is a replacement, I will switch. My biggest complaint is Adsense sends me cryptic emails, complaining about some page on my website but without telling me what the specific problem is. They refuse to let me send emails asking for clarification. They only complain about pages with no Google Adsense ads on them. Here are some examples:


There are a few tweaks with JavaScript you can do to o speed up AdSense:

To see how it works, look at the code to invoke the ads at the top and bottom of each page and the JavaScript in Basically I load the Google scripts dynamically only when I discover I am not in Opera and not viewing a document loaded from hard disk. I use the same trick for Google AdSense and Google Translate.

Google improves the markup for the ads from time to time. The old markup will work, but the new is generally faster or terser.

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