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ISP (Internet Service Provider). A company through whom you can attach to the Internet, or who hosts your website.

The Vendor Lists

I have compiled four vendor lists, now split off into separate documents:

  1. JDBC driver vendors.
  2. SQL engine vendors including prices.
  3. Java-friendly ISPs.
  4. Canadian Internet Access Providers.

Java-friendly Internet Service Providers

Normally you need your own server attached 24-hours to the Internet if you want to do any JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity), SQL (Standard Query Language), JSP (Java Server Pages), Freemarker, EJB, EE or servlet programming. However, there are a few ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that will let you run SQL engines and other wombs on their server. Hopefully SQL/JDBC/Servlet hosting will become a commodity service.

This list is eclectic. It includes some free services that don’t run servlets. It includes some shopping cart ISPs.

Offering a custom programmable womb is a high overhead service for an ISP. I have never heard of such a service being given away free or given away in return for advertising. You will have luck only if you are willing to use canned software, that won’t give the ISP nearly the headaches of undebugged custom software you would write yourself.

What To Look For

Before you sign up check out: When you check out the limits, you may find that some of the great deals are not so great after all. They are just loss leaders.

Java/JDBC Friendly ISP s

Once you get your Servlet/JSP etc. server application working locally, then you port it to an ISP webserver for deployment. You have to then make adjustments because the ISP may not offer the same SQL database or womb that you used for development.

u You can find out your local ISPs from a map showing the world’s ISP providers. You can find ones likely to be Java friendly in the table below. If want a webserver rather than Internet access, it does not matter if the ISP is local. Generally Internet access ISPs are rather pathetic when it comes to anything but pure HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) web hosting, so you are probably best off to deal with two different companies, one for Internet access and one for web hosting.

There are also websites such as PastBin that will lets you post a program or page of text for free. I will post small amounts of Java code for you colourised with JDisplay on my website. There are also Subversion repositories such as to hold your code. That also optionally displays it to the public.

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