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JDBC Vendor List
Following is a list of JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity) vendors. Instead, you may want SQL vendors who create SQL engines. You might also want some general information about JDBC or SQL.
VENDORS: Please help fill in the blanks in this table or report any errors to email Roedy Green'.
JDBC Vendors
JDBC Vendor JDBC Product Type SQL (Standard Query Language) DBMS (DataBase Management System) s supported
Agave Software Design JDBC Net Server 3 Oracle, Sybase, Informix, others via ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity)
Altera Software SQL Server 4 Altera SQL Server
Asgard Software Open/A for Java 3 Unisys A series DMSII database
née Avenir
aveConnect JDBC Drivers 1.x, 3 and 4 DBF (DBase File), MS Access, MS SQL Server
aveConnect JDBC Drivers 2.x, 2,x extended API (Application Programming Interface) 3 and 4 MS SQL Server
Caribou Lake Software JSQL-Ingres 3 Ingres
Cloudscape JBMS 4 JBMS
Connect Software Fast Forward   MS SQL Server, Sybase
CROSS ACCESS Corporation (bought by IBM (International Business Machines)) CrossAccess SERIESfour 3 ADABAS, Datacom/DB, Db2, DL/I, IDMS, IMS/DB, Sequential files, VSAM (Virtual Sequential Access Method) files
DataDirect Technologies (née Intersolv, Microfocus, Merant) DataDirect SequeLink for JDBC 3 Db2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix plus others via ODBC Socket
DataDirect Connect for JDBC 4 Db2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix
DataRamp Client For Java   ODBC
Daffodil Software Daffodil DB 4 JDBC-3 for Daffodil DB.
Derby Derby 4 embedded JDBC driver.
Ensodex Hotsockets 3 Several through ODBC.
Free TDS JDBC Driver 4 MSSQL, Sybase, includes C DB-lib source.
Gupta Technologies SQLBase 4 Gupta SQLBase (née Centura)
GWE Technologies GWEMySQL 4 MySQL
H2 Database JDBC Driver 4 H2 Database engine.
Hit Software HiT JDBC/Db2 4 Db2, Db2/400
HOB HOBLink J-DRDA 4 Db2 for Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS, OS/400, The Home site is in German. They also have an English, and Spanish site.
Hughes Technologies mSQL-JDBC driver   mSQL
née Zhao Yonghong
DBF 4 Drivers for MS Access, Corel Paradox, Text, CSV (Comma-Separated Value), and Xbase. JDBC 3.0, supports Unicode. $190.00 USD single server license. $2500.00 USD redistribute with your product.
i-net software GATE 3 Merlia 4 JDBC 4.0, MS SQL Database Server
GATE 3 Oranxo 4 JDBC 3.0, Oracle
GATE 3 Sybelux 4 JDBC 3.0, Sybase
IBM Db2 Client support for Java 2, 3 IBM Db2 version 2
systems 4 Db2 for OS/400
IDS Software JDBC 2.0 Drivers 3 Informix, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, ODBC, SQL Anywhere. You can’t buy the drivers separately from IDS Server.
Imaginary mSQL-JDBC 4 mSQL
Information Builder   3 ECB (Electronic Codebook mode)
Informix JDBC Driver 4 Informix
Microfocus Visibroker (née Visigenic) Visichannel For Java 3 ODBC
Inprise (née Borland) InterClient   InterBase 4.0
InterSoft Essentia-JDBC 3 Essentia
JavaSoft JDBC-ODBC bridge 1 Several dozen through ODBC drivers.
jnetDirect JDBC driver 4 JSQLConnect for SQL server. Version 6.0 is for MS SQL Server 2008 R2. JDataConnect offers type 3 and 3 drivers. SimpleJDBC is an open source driver.
KonaSoft JDBC 2.0 driver 3, 4 Type 3: Sybase, Oracle, Informix, SQLAnywhere, Type 4: Sybase, Oracle, ODBC
Liberty Integration Software JDBC Driver 3 Most PICK flavors including VMARK, Unidata, General Automation, PICK systems
Linus AS DUALITY JDBC Proxy 3 It functions as a proxy for any other JDBC driver. It uses a reversed connection scheme, so that connections may be established through firewalls without requiring any openings for inbound connections. All features of the JDBC API are implemented, including streamed data types.
Lutris InstantDB 3.25 4 InstantDB, JDBC level 2 support.
MySQL   4 Connector/J née Gnu MM.SQL
Net2Roam NetAway XMLWays JDBC Driver 3, 4 Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server, DB2, others via ODBC
Nogginware RemoteDB JDBC Driver 3 many databases through ODBC
Novell LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) JDBC Driver ? Identity driver
Objectweb née Objectware, née GIE Dyade rmijdbc 3 GPL (Gnu Public Licence)
OpenLink JDBC drivers 3 CA-Ingres, DB2, Informix, Ingres, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Progress, Progress95, ODBC, Oracle, PostgresSQL, Sybase, Unify
Oracle JDBC drivers 2, 4 free for Oracle, Personal Oracle
Quadcap JDBC 2.1 4 Quadcap
Recital JDBC Developer 3 DB2/6000, Informix, Ingres, Oracle, others via ODBC
JDBC Developer 4 Recital, Xbase, CISAM, RMS (Root Mean Square)
JDBC Developer (née Kaleidoscope)   CISAM, DB2 6000, Informix, Ingres, ODBC, Oracle, RDB, Recital
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS/ACCESS DB2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, OLE-DB, ORACLE, Sybase, Teradata
SCO SQL-Retriever 3 Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Oracle, Sybase
Simba Technologies Simba Express 3 Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL
SmallSQL SmallSQL 4 SmallSQL, a 100% pure Java DBMS
Solid Information Technology (SolidTech) JDBC Driver 4 Solid Server
StarQuest Software StarSQL 1 DB2/MVS, DB2/400, SQL/DS, DB2/CS for AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive), OS/2, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows NT, DB2 Universal Database
StormCloud Web DBC 3.0 Enterprise   ODBC
Oracle NetDynamics/j.rad   j.rad
Sybase jConnect
(aka jdbcCONNECT)
3, 4 Sybase Replication Server, SQL Anywhere, Sybase IQ (Intelligence Quotient), Sybase SQL Server and more than 25 enterprise and legacy database servers via Sybase OmniCONNECT Advantage driver. Just rummage around on their site to find your particular SQL engine, the find the corresponding JDBC driver.
Symantec dbANYWHERE 3 MS Access, MS SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle, SQL Anywhere, Sybase
née T.c.X. DataKonsult AB
thinWEB.com ThinAccess (née JDBCRemote)   Any database supporting JDBC or ODBC.
Thought CocoBase   JDBC
tjFM twz1JDBCForMysql 4 MySQL
Trifox VORTEXjdbc   via VortexServer to Adabas, Informix, Microsoft SequelSerner, Ingres, Orcle, Sybase, Trifox, ODBC, Oracle, Teradata
VORTEXjava 3 via VortexServer to Adabas, Informix, Microsoft SequelSerner, Ingres, Oracle, Sybase, Trifox, ODBC, Oracle, Teradata, legacy systems via GENESIS
Viaserv Viaserv Direct JDBC Driver 4 DB2, SQL/DS, IMS, DL/I, IDMS, VSAM, sequential, ADABAS, Datacom
Watershed Relational Object Framework ? ?
Oracle née Bea née Weblogic jdbcKona 4 MS SQL Server and Informix, included with Bea Weblogic Server Last revised/verified: 2006-02-13
jdbcKona 2 Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server
jdbcKonaT3   ODBC
jdbcKona 3 Several dozen through ODBC drivers.
xlSQL xlSQL 4 xlSQL is an application framework for developing JDBC 2.0 drivers for data stored in documents such as spreadsheets, CSV files, XML (extensible Markup Language) (as RSS) and DBF, allowing them to be read and written with SQL. It maps a directory of Excel XLS files to a database, workbooks to schemas and sheets to tables. These objects can be queried with the full syntax of either HSQLDB or MySQL.
Yard Software Yard-JDBC. Also have JDBC 2.0 driver. 4 YARD-SQL Database


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