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A free blog hosting service now owned by Google. A way of letting people visiting your website record their comments for others to see. Blogger deleted all my blogs. They delete your blogs without warning, giving you no chance to capture content if you they go inactive.

To log onto Blogger, you use your Google account and a browser other than Opera.

Your blog page is free. You can configure how it looks by adding gadgets to various areas of the page. They let you add links, photos, icons, Adsense ads, a profile a bout you, a list of followers, logos… Across the top, usually scrolled out of view, are the tools you need to navigate.

You can configure you page to allow the general public to post, or you can insist you ok everything before it is appears. Be very careful deciding what to accept and reject. People often submit their posts half a dozen times, confused because it does not show up immediately. If you are not careful, you will delete all copies with no way to get them back. You can also specify a small list of people who are permitted to post. Blogger also means a person who spend a considerable omount of time writing blogs and reading other people’s.

There is no way to consolidate Google/Blogger accounts, but you can effectively move your blogs from one account to another by making the blogs team blogs with two moderators, then removing the original moderator.

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