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A place where you can post videos for the general public to view. People often post copyrighted material or bloopers from commercial TV broadcasts. Videos are usually in Adobe Flash format. YouTube uses two domain names and They seem to be gradually dropping Google set up Google video, then bought YouTube and now is in the process of gradually moving all the Google videos to YouTube. You find out when this is happened with Google Video redirects you to YouTube.

Because YouTube links are so fragile and because the text of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) links to them give no hint as to what the content is, always leave descriptive information about what the video was about, perhaps in hidden HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) comments, so that when the link breaks you can find another copy of the video.

Be aware that if you embed YouTube videos on your site, they may well contain ads from some organisations you may find highly objectionable and you will not get any ad revenue even from ones you approve of. For this reason, I nearly always just provide a link to the video rather than embedding a player. If you post a YouTube video, YouTube may superimpose ads on top of it that are in direct contradiction to the spirit of your video. Your enemies use your work to spread their FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).


As I mentioned, YouTube superimposes ads on the start and end of your video, and in the middle too for long ones. They keep about half the revenue for these ads, and give you the other half. Some people can earn a living making these videos, but they attract millions of viewers. Other people use Patreon to solicit donations from fans to produce new videos.


I know of no software that lets you transcribe YouTube videos (using a foot pedal to navigate back and forth). However, you can convert a YouTube video to an MP4, then transcribe that. YouTubeInMp4 is a free service that will convert YouTube videos to MP4 for you.


YouTube drives webmasters crazy who have to maintain links to YouTube videos on their sites. YouTube has a big problem with people submitting duplicates. The YouTube staff gradually prune them back, after the fact, but if you were unlucky enough to bookmark or create a link to the wrong duplicate, the link will break leaving no record of what used to be there. There is no redirection (technically a HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) 303 permanent redirect) to the master copy of the duplicate they decided to keep. Further, if the person who uploaded the video drops it, makes it private, or closes his account, all his material is lost. YouTube treats all that material as his private property. Then all bookmarks and links to it stop working until somebody who has an offline copy uploads it again. Unfortunately, all commentary is lost and Google directs people mainly to dead duplicates.

Google owns YouTube, so surely they can better coordinate their efforts! When YouTube removes a duplicate, Google should update its spidering to point to the designated master copy immediately, not wait for an infrequent spider. Public videos should not be removable by private individuals, just the references to them removed from their accounts. People with bookmarks and links should be unaffected. People uploading videos should designate them personal or public and that way duplicates can be prevented before they occur.

YouTube has a way anyone can flag any video as generally objectionable. The video is then pulled without any examination. There is no appeal process. So a Christian can pull a video on evolution that took a year to make. The Christian is free to do as much damage as he pleases. Even if a video has thousands of viewers and thousands of likes, one complaint is enough to take it off the air.



You can post comments on the videos, or comment on the comments. The community tend to be dogmatic and on the crazy side. It is not an academic environment. Endless arguments can be addictive. There are so many idiots to set right.

You can spice up your comments with *this is important* to simulate bold, or _this is interesting_ to simulate italic, or -censored- for strikethrough. You may embed URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) in your posts without special markup.

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