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Google doodles

Every day, Google commissions some art work to decorate its search engine page. This artwork is called a Google doodle. Originally, it was a welcome novelty to celebrate some famous person’s birthday, a holiday, a historic event, the joys of the season etc. They often customised it for each country.

Google Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day
Google Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day

However, over the years the art has become ever more kitsch and infantile, appealing primarily to 3 year olds. Now it has evolved an irritating and distracting gif animation that interferes with using the search engine.

Google Doodle for World Cup
Google Doodle for World Cup

I have asked Google to give visitors the option of:

  1. Turning the Google doodle artwork off entirely.
  2. Turning off the animation, but not the artwork.
  3. Turning off the animation after 0.25 seconds.
  4. Keeping both artwork and animation.

You can submit your ideas for future Google doodle artwork to You might like to add your voice to my complaint about animated gifs. Animated gifs are only for the cheesiest sites. I suggest putting something very specific in the subject line. They are probably bombarded with spam.

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