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CMP (Canadian Mind Products)’s purpose is to stand up for the rights of plants and animals. Animals also includes cetacea, humans, gay people, atheists, war victims and invertebrates. CMP attempts to inculcate planetary consciousness — concern for the planet as a whole. A subgoal is to teach people to use computers effectively, particularly with the Java computer language.
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The image in the top left corner is the Miracle of the Darkness.

The Miracle of the Darkness

The bible claims that when Jesus died, darkness covered the earth for three hours. Christians tell me this was an unscheduled solar eclipse. From what I know of astronomy (I once wrote a computer program to predict the positions of the sun, the planets and the moon) this explanation does not fit for dozens of reasons.

Let’s assume you observed this miracle with your own eyes in the present day. First, that is impossible. You can only observe what is happening where you are, not all over the earth.

If nobody else saw it, you would assume it was a dream, a hallucination. Perhaps you had been wearing very dark welding glasses and forgot you were wearing them. Let’s assume though you heard news reports from every country on earth that everyone was experiencing the darkness. Then, no matter how strange this seemed, how impossible, you would have to admit it happened.

What if you read a book called Ripping Yarns full of all kinds of untrue and unbelievably spectacular deeds. It described such a darkness happening in the year 1400 throughout all of Europe. Would you believe it? Probably not. Why not? Because the book has a well-deserved reputation for asserting untrue things. Because none of the tales it describes are mentioned in history or other serious documents. Further, nobody, in any country, recorded this amazing event.

The bible, every time it steps out and talks about science, gets it dead wrong. It claims you can cure leprosy with dove blood. It claims the earth is flat. It claims you can persuade a goat to give birth to a striped kid by showing her a striped board. It claims there is a crystal clear ocean hovering above us in the sky. It claims π is 3. The Noah story, though widely believed by Americans, cannot be true for tens of thousands of reasons. The bible is crawling with inconsistencies with itself, with history, with geology, with geography and with common sense (e.g. Moses taking 40 years for a journey you can make in three days on horseback.). In other words the bible has a reputation for saying things that are patently untrue, aside from any miracle claims.

Further, nobody saw the miracle of the darkness. The anonymous writers of the bible did not even claim to be present. They merely allege they got the story from some anonymous person who may or may not have observed it directly himself. None of the 21 historians of the region reported it. Nobody in China saw it. The Chinese were meticulous recorders of astronomical events. Astoundingly, there is no evidence for the miracle at all, not even a single person who claims to have seen it. All Christians have is a book making the claim whose title in Hebrew that effectively translates to Ripping Yarns.

Imagine modern day Christians falling for a 10 second 4.54 kg (10 lbs) weight loss program that nobody even claimed to have seen work, not even those trying to sell it to you. That is what nitwits Christians are asserting when they claim to believe in the miracle of darkness.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the welfare queen of crony capitalism.

~ Robert Reich (born:1946-06-24 age:70)

Right to Lie

Almost nothing in a TV commercial is literally true. When the commercials are entertaining, we grant corporations licence to lie and dissemble.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)
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