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You can see how well your browser supports various fonts by examining this list. The fonts that are supported will look different from the default tall spindly Modern font. You can also examine the list of supported font names in the FontShower Applet. All you have to do is install more fonts in the Control Panel to make the fonts available to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Unfortunately, others may not have those same fonts installed. There is no way to include licenced fonts with your HTML document. Beware, even with the same fonts installed, different browsers, particularly IE (Internet Explorer), may render them quite differently especially for the unusual characters.

Most modern fonts are designed to work with anti-aliasing and look flea-bitten without it. This is why the same font can look spectacular in  Vista and wretched in W2K.

Available Windows Fonts MS Office and Publisher Fonts
Beautifil Fonts PostScript Fonts
Bundled Fonts Proportional Fonts
Commonly Installed Fonts Sans Serif Fonts
Default CSS Fonts Title Fonts
Free Fonts TrueType Fonts
Java Logical Fonts Vista Fonts
Macintosh OS X Fonts Windows XP Fonts
Monospace Fonts More about Fonts
Monospaced Programmer Fonts Links

What Fonts Are Available Windows

To see what fonts are available to Windows, click Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Appearance and Personalization ⇒ Fonts . These fonts will work in Windows word processors and many Windows programs including browsers. Not all of the fonts will work in Java, or Java Applets however. To find out the name of the corresponding file in C:\Windows, right click Properties.

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