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handwriting fonts

A font that looks somewhat like handwriting, sometimes called a cursive or script font.

You can also have samples of your handwriting made into crude fonts. Any specs on the sample scans will show up in the fonts. Any unevenness or fadeout in the letters will also show up in the fonts. The quality will be nothing like a polished handwriting font that has been labouriously, manually smoothed and deflecked. You might do some manual cleanup on the scanned image before submitting it to get better results. Some of the free handwriting fonts started out as freehand samples, that were later massaged to make them look more consistent and clean.

Unfortunately, none of the online font generators handle left and right double and single quotes: ‘ ’.

Acrotype and Writing-fonts provide you with an OpenType font that will work on a PC (Personal Computer), Mac or Linux. MyScriptFont lets you choose between TTF (TrueType Font), OpenType or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). I don’t know about the other services.

If you want something that looks professional, find a polished cursive font that mimics the penmanship of a someone else, rather than your own.

Acrotype: custom handwriting 220-character font from your sample
Dafont: handwriting fonts
Fontifier: custom handwriting 99-character font from your sample
FontSpace: free handwriting fonts
Free-Fonts: free handwriting and hand print fonts
InstantShift: free handwriting fonts
Kevin and Ananda: free custom 73-character handwriting font from your sample, maybe
Scanahand: utility to create custom 437-character handwriting fonts, including bold and italic
Specky Boy: free handwriting fonts
tutsplus: handwriting fonts
Uncial Font: free
UrbanFonts: handwriting fonts
WebDesignerWall: free handwriting fonts
Writing-fonts: custom handwriting 220-character font from your sample

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