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San serif fonts don’t have little feet, called serifs. They are often used for titles. They have a clean look, but they slow down the reader if you use them as body text. I particularly like Arial, Bitstream Vera Sans, Segoe UI, Verdana and Lucida Sans for titles.

If the font is installed, the sample text will show up in that font. If the font is not installed it will show up in a spindly vector font.

Arial Estrangelo Edessa Lucida Console Nina
Bitstream Vera Sans Euphemia Lucida Sans Nyala
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Franklin Gothic Medium Lucida Sans Typewriter Raavi
Browalia New FreesiaUPC Lucida Sans Unicode Segoe Print
BrowaliaUPC Gautami Malgun Gothic Segoe UI
Calibri Gisha Mangal Shruti
Candara Gulim Meiryo SimHei
Century Gothic GulimChe Microsoft JhengHei Simplified Arabic
Comic Sans MS Impact Microsoft Sans Serif Tahoma
Consolas IrisUPC Microsoft YaHei Tiresias PCfont Z
Corbel KaiTi Microsoft Yi Baiti TiresiasScreenfont
Cordia New Kalinga Miriam Trebuchet MS
CordiaUPC Kartika MoolBoran Tunga
DokChampa Latha MS Gothic Verdana
Dotum Leelawadee MS PGothic Vrinda
DotumChe Levenim MT MS UI Gothic
DPCustomMono2 LilyUPC Narkisim

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