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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

dynamic font
Was Bitstream’s scheme for automatically downloading fonts to display inside HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) pages. They have been discontinued. They were sometimes called downloadable fonts. They did not work in Opera, IE (Internet Explorer), or Netscape. The TrueDoc.com website claims they are supposed to work with IE 5.5 and iCab for Mac. The DocLoc technology allows the downloaded fonts to be used only with documents from a specific directory. The user can’t download the HTML and run it off his hard disk and still see the fonts, unless they are embedded in PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. Bitstream offers a set of free downloadable fonts. The technology is applicable to any TrueType or PostScript font, subject to licensing. They require a plug-in to be installed for them to work in IE 5.5.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) now has an open scheme for embedding fonts.

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