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Utilities are are generic programs that help you process data. Here are some of my favourites monitored by VerCheck:
Roedy’s Recommended Utilities
Last Verified 2015-08-30
- Utility Version Released Description
7Zip9.202010-11-18archiver, compression utility
Abelssoft JetDrive72014-02-27defragger
Ace Utilities6.0.02015-08-25Registry cleaner. Junk file deleter. Autorun manager.
Adobe DreamweaverCS6:12.0.32014-06-15WYSIWYG HTML editor
Adobe Flash18.0.0.2322015-08-11lightweight animation viewer.
Adobe Reader DC2015.008.200822015-07-14PDF reader.
Adobe Shockwave12.1.9.1602015-07-29animation engine
Amaya11.4.42012-01-18HTML editor and browser
Amazon AWS20152015-07-16Amazon Web Services database of Amazon products
AndroChef1.0.0.112015-07-22Java decompiler
ANTLR4.52015-01-23parser generator
Apache ANT1.9.62015-07-03Java make utility and platform-independent scripting.
Apache HTTPD2.4.162015-07-15HTTP server
Apache Open Office4.1.12014-08-22Office suite.
Apache Subversion1.9.02015-08-05version control system server.
Apache Tomcat8.0.262015-08-25servlet womb
Apple iTunes12.2.22015-08-14Icon editor
Apple QuickTime7.7.52014-02-26movie player.
Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro4.6.0.02015-04-01defragger
Axialis Icon Workshop6.8.0.02013-01-14Icon editor
BitTorrent7.9.4.409122015-08-19large file downloader.
Blue Griffon1.7.22013-06-19HTML WYSIWYG editor
Boot-It Bare Metal1.31e2015-08-29partition manager.
Bulk Rename2.7.1.32014-07-29bulk file rename utility
Clipmate7.5.262013-03-20extended cut/paste buffer.
DiskTrix UltimateDefrag4.0.96.02012-11-25defragger
Ditto3.20.74.02015-08-04clipboard manager.
DJ3.12.12.1002015-07-31Java decompiler
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium132014-07-22Nuance speech to text
EclipseMars 4.52015-06-24Java IDE
Elwood EZ Home and Office Address Book9.02014-10-01Address book
Excelsior Jet10.02015-04-27Native Java compiler for Windows, Linux and Mac.
FastStone8.22015-04-01screen capture.
FileHippo1.452014-12-11update checker.
FontCreator9.02015-06-09font editor/designer
FontForge20120731-b2012-07-31outline font editor/designer
Forté Agent8.0:12722014-10-20newsreader.
FTP Voyager16.2.0.3282014-11-05FTP upload/download.
Funduc BE7.172014-09-19scripted bulk search and replace, regex.
Funduc PE7.172014-09-19ad hoc bulk search and replace, regex.
Funduc SR classic7.22014-09-19classic bulk search and replace, regex.
Goldwave6.142015-08-28sound file editor and converter.
Google Chrome40.0.2214.912014-11-20browser.
Google Earth7.12013-04-22Map viewer.
GPG4Win2.2.52015-07-10PGP privacy encryption
Gradle2.62015-08-10Build Tool
HTMLValidator14.05002014-08-26ensures your HTML has no errors.
Icon XP3.352015-05-16icon/png editor.
IconLover5.422015-05-14icon/png editor and icon manager.
install4j6.0.32015-05-22Java application installer
IntelliJ Idea14.1.42015-06-22IDE for composing Java programs.
IObit Smart Defrag4.2.02015-07-21free defragger.
Ivy2.4.02014-12-27Build dependency manager for ANT
Java JDK Java development kit.
JavaCC6.02014-04-28parser generator
JavaMail1.5.42015-06-23Java email library.
jEdit5.2.02015-02-05text editor, UTF-8
JMF2.1.1e2003-05-23Java Media Framework, library for playing sound or video.
JZip2.0.0.1295022012-10-16archiver, compression utility
Libburnia1.4.02015-05-18CD/DVD burner
LibreOffice5.02015-08-05office suite, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager
Maven3.3.32015-04-28Build Tool
Modernizr2.8.32014-08-21JavaScript library
MS IE 1111.0.9600.175012015-01-07browser.
MySQL5.6.262015-07-24SQL database manager
Net Transport2.96k.7202015-03-01Download files by streaming protocols, e.g. video or audio files.
NetBeans8.0.22014-11-28Java IDE
O&O Defrag23.442015-08-18disk defragger.
OmniPage182013-02-20Nuance OCR
OpenSSL1.0.2d2015-07-07SSL implementation
PADGen3.1.1.502011-12-03XML PAD (Portable Application Description) editor.
PkZip142012-05-23archiver, compression utility
PostgreSQL9.42014-12-18SQL database manager
POV-Ray3.7.02013-11-083D renderer.
Raxco PerfectDisk13.3992014-05-22defragger.
RegexBuddy4.4.12015-06-30Regex composer
rsync3.1.02013-09-29efficiently upload/download file changes to a server
SlickEdit2014: editor.
Stylus StudioX152012-12-07edit, validate and diagram xml, xsd, dtd, xsl and xquery files.
Sweetcape 0106.0.22015-04-13binary/hex file editor
TakeCommand/4NT16.03.552014-07-13replacement for cmd.exe command processor, both console and GUI. Includes TCC (nee 4NT).
Thunderbird38.2.02015-08-15Email and newsreader.
Tint Photo Montage2.2.92015-06-27collage maker
Tint Picture Cutout Guide3.2.92015-06-27Background remover, object extractor, collage maker, smart resize, eliminate objects
TopStyle5.0.0.1042014-07-10edits and validates style sheets.
Tortoise Subversion1.9.0.266522015-08-11Client for Subversion version control
Ubuntu14.042014-04-17Free Linux distribution.
Unicode7.0.02014-06-16defines 16-bit and 32-bit codes for international Unicode character set
VerCheck4.72015-01-04Program used to prepare this list. Checks if there are new versions of various software.
WinRAR5.212015-02-16archiver, compression utility
WinZip19.52014-10-28archiver, compression utility.
WinZip Command Line4.02013-05-08command line control of WinZip.
Wireshark1.12.72015-08-12packet sniffer formerly known as Ethereal. Monitor Internet or LAN traffic.
Xara Designer MX11.2.2.403422015-08-06Vector drawing program, including 3D extrusions
Xara Designer Pro X11.2.2.403422015-08-06Vector drawing program, including 3D extrusions
Xenu1.3.82010-09-04ensures your HTML links are not broken.
I maintain this list using the VerCheck utility to track when updates are available.
Icons Legend
Icon Meaning
invalid invalid, e.g. bad date, bad/missing URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the VerCheck program.
unknown status not yet determined
brokenlink Could not contact website, or possibly the page is missing. Could indicate a version change.
unchanged Unchanged, released over a year ago
unchanged Unchanged, released in last year
unchanged Unchanged, released in last month
unchanged Unchanged, released in last week
changed Version has recently changed. A new version is available. The VerCheck marker is out of date.

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