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Living Love Workshop : 2001-07

I Ching hexagram for the workshop: Continuity becoming Release
Wind and Thunder,
faithful always,
The superior man remains firm
and does not change his method.
and no mistakes
if you keep to your course.
You may take any action you wish.

strawberryThe Skinny


I went to Oregon for a Living Love workshop in 1995, but Ken Keyes Jr. died just before I got there and we never had one. I have been waiting five years since for someone else to organise one. It never seemed to happen, so I decided to take it on myself to host it.

strawberryWhat’s New?

strawberryWorkshop Vs Training

This is a workshop, not a training.
  1. The emphasis will be on using the methods right then and there at the workshop to uplevel your addictions. If you learn something you can use on your own later so much the better. The emphasis is on doing it now rather than learning how to do it later.
  2. We are all co-leaders. Everyone coming, even the rank novices, knows more about at least one addiction than everyone else. We are here to share our experiences.
  3. At a traditional training, the iron clad rule is "work only on your own head. Don’t give advice, either about what methods to use, how to use the methods, or how to solve life problems". We will be relaxing that slightly. If someone shares about having an addiction, we want anyone who has it, or who has upleveled it to share how it was for them, what worked, what didn’t. You can give advice freely about which method to try or how to use a method. Unless asked, please refrain from giving other sorts of advice. We want to keep the focus on reprograming addictions.
  4. You are here to work on the addictions that matter, the ones that give you the most trouble, the ten biggies. They may appear to others to be silly or trivial. Be clear before you come what is actually causing you the most pain, not which is merely the most dramatic and should be causing you the most pain in other people’s eyes. The Quadra Island paradise and the company of others may make those addictions seem remote and unimportant. Great. This is a perfect time to nail them while you have some perspective. The cramped living may bring up familiar addictions. Great. This too is a perfect time to nail them when you have all the support around to examine the problem as your addiction rather than someone else’s fault.
  5. This workshop has an unusually high percentage of couples. It can be a temptation to just hang out with your partner the whole time. The more you can expose yourself to the other participants, the more you will learn that will help you free yourself. The person most unlike you at the workshop is the one who probably holds the keys to your freedom. Don’t waste this chance to get to know everyone on as deep a level as you dare. Dealing with addictions involving your partner are more difficult, since it is hard not to appear to be dumping on your partner. Disclosing information your partner does not want disclosed can cause problems too. Revealing information your partner did not previously know can also be dicey. You will just have to use your discretion. It can be a bit rocky, but in the long run, it is best to err on the side of openness.
  6. Honesty is the best policy, especially at a workshop. Keep paramount the seventh pathway: I open myself genuinely to all people by being willing to fully communicate my deepest feelings, since hiding in any degree keep me stuck in my illusion of separateness from other people. No one is going to bawl you out for feeling how you feel. Now is the time to let some light and air into the darker parts of your mind.

strawberryWhat Will It be Like?


The workshop starts 2001-07-01 Sunday
Day morning afternoon evening
Sunday   start arriving, settling in introductions. Introduction to Living Love. What is it? What is it for? What it is not.
Monday The Wisdom Principles: Addictions are the Only Cause of Suffering. Beneficial positive Intentions, (Dr. Angela Wensley). Pinpointing addictions (Roedy, The choice Process (Dr. Joy Huntley) Centres of Consciousness including cosmic consciousness. (Roedy).
Tuesday Share our life biggies. consciously explore the island, using clickers, as if you were in cosmic consciousness. Link The Suffering. ICD (Instant Consciousness Doubler) skits. (Roedy)
Wednesday Conscious confrontation (Dr. Joy Huntley) The Twelve Pathways (Roedy) EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)
Thursday NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Communication Styles in Relationships. (Geneva Hagen) picnic at Rebecca Spit Success stories. Telling stories of how we have used the methods at some point in your life, including during the workshop, to uplevel addictions to preferences or to weaken them, or to gain new insights.
Friday life biggies, getting real with each other about what gives you the most trouble in your life. shared EIP (Exploration Insight Process), Consciousness focusing (Roedy) campfire addiction burning
Saturday Your biggie addictions on yourself. Be the one, addictions that block you from being the one you want to be.(Roedy) forgiveness (Dr. Joy Huntley), the greatest gift process (Roedy)
Sunday hugs leave  
Angela will be handling the music. Geneva will be handling the nightly unifiers and morning stretches. If you are willing to lead any of the sessions currently assigned to me, please let me know. Joy said she will fill in for me if for any reason I can’t handle them. Please pass on your scheduling suggestions. (The actual schedule we used bore little ressemblance to this. Don did a session that included Quantum Flirting. Geneva did one on NLP.)

The schedule alternates between intellectual and physical days. It gradually builds the emotional intensity.


If you want to lead part of the workshop, let me know. If you want some topic in particular covered, let me know that too.

strawberryWhat To Bring

We will be very cramped. If in doubt, buy it when you get here. Bringing food can be a problem getting it across the border. I think you will be pleasantly astonished about the variety available at Quadra Foods. There is a Safeway-style supermarket right near the Quadra Island ferry in Campbell River. It is somewhat cheaper so you might stock up there. The ferry runs every hour. The way many islanders shop is by driving to the ferry, then going across to Campbell River as a foot passenger then coming back on the next ferry.

strawberryWhat Will Be Provided

strawberryWhat To Do Before you Come

  1. Review the methods.
  2. Review the photos and living love biographies of the other partipants.
  3. Register.
  4. Send in your photo.
  5. Send in you living love biography.
  6. Plan your trip including air and bus connections and overnight stays. Follow the links links for ferry and bus schedules and fares.
  7. Pack lightly. There will not be much room.



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