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Helen Pirrie, Living Lover

Helen Pirrie
Helen Pirrie

Vital Statistics

Helen is 60 years of age, married with 3 grandchildren, (one of which was born on millennium morning) and 10 step grandchildren. She has a severely disabled son called Justin who is 35 years of age and is totally dependent. She worked as a School Nurse for the local health authority for 23 years and has just retired. This and being a carer for Justin has meant that the nurturing side of her character is very evident.

Character wise Helen is pragmatic and is more comfortable doing rather than saying. She likes a good laugh and is easy going. She enjoys gardening and sewing.


Justin has played a major rôle in Helen’s life and this has eroded large areas of her addictive demands. She is now very accepting of life generally. Helen does not practice 'The Methods’ but has read one or two of the simpler of Ken’s books and has listened to some of his cassettes. Helen is a Christian and goes to church on a regular basis and supports the church in many ways. Here is a selection of her addictions.
  1. Fear of spiders.
  2. Andrew’s erratic driving.
  3. Justin not receiving proper respite care.
  4. That garages not charge too much.
  5. Fear of being burgled.
  6. That she not have to say goodbye.

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