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The Nude Process

This process was the highlight of the Berkely and Cornucopia Workshops. Ken dropped it in Oregon, fearing alarming the neighbours. I found this process so embarrassing I became nauseous. Others said it changed their lives.

It is very simple, each person in the group in turn gets up, without clothes and presents everyone a guided tour of the features of his or her body. Some people compose funny analogies. In the process you learn that everybody has flaws, even the perfect people. Once you reveal those secrets to the world they no longer hold you in their power. You are more likely to accept your body for what it is. You are also more likely to accept other people even when their bodies don’t meet your models of perfection. It also tends to reduce the fear of aging when you see elderly people gamely playing too.

You discover some of the people with the most beautiful bodies are most ashamed of them and some of the people with the least attractive bodies are completely comfortable with them.

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