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Andy Manninger, Living Lover

Andy Manninger

A Peak Experience

Illiniarte had an experience. An experience beyond all experiences. Beyond all words. Beyond all description. Beyond expression. In an eye blink, he felt himself hurled into a superdimension. He was in spaceless, timeless space. Space had shrunk for him. Or else he was in several places at once. For he saw solar systems around him. He saw multicolored planets revolve around their suns. Fiery-tailed comets, in the darkness of space, streaked by him. Ineffable, stupendous, heavenly beauty…

And Illiniarte understood. Understood all. Indescribable Cosmic wisdom streamed into him. He knew what it was like to know beyond earthly knowledge. He was knowledge. He understood the Cosmic laws that govern the existence of heavenly bodies; Cosmic laws that far exceed the mathematical ones determining their orbits…

And he saw humanity. As if on a stage, the throngs acting out their existence. He understood the Cosmic laws applying to humanity. To human relationships. To the drama of life. He understood that the seeming iniquities of life were due to perfectly just laws beyond man’s pedestrian understanding…

And Illiniarte knew order. He knew where chaos and chance seemed to rule, laws beyond the comprehension of the observer operate… He understood that all is law … all is cause and effect … all is perfect order. The old shaman perceived the Grand Design.

Ineffable, stupendous, majestic beauty…

And Illiniarte perceived unity. He sensed an invisible something. A very real something. An ethereal something of a substance that filled the universe. A very special substance. Like a supercooled metal, it was a perfect conductor: a conductor of thoughts and actions. It permeated everything, everyone… Illiniarte knew that, whether the recipient was conscious of it or not, this ethereal superconductor transmitted all feelings and all thoughts and all actions everywhere, to everything, to everyone… The old shaman understood the limits of individuality. Mostly, he experienced the oneness of the universe.

Ineffable, stupendous, majestic beauty…

And Illiniarte experienced total, unassailable, absolute certainty. He knew such certitude as he had never before known. He knew beyond all reasoned certainty that he was experiencing truth and reality. The only truth. The only reality.

And the old shaman realized Him! He perceived the Mainspring of it all: an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Supreme Intelligence who had set it all in motion, decreed all its laws — and oversaw it all. And the most overwhelming, the most striking, the most salient single attribute of that Supreme Being was His divine love. Illiniarte basked in the radiant and almost searing warmth of unspeakable love that infused his being and filled the universe.

Ineffable, stupendous, divine beauty…

The majestic beauty of the universe dazzled Illiniarte. The grandeur of a divine scheme of perfect order and total unity, conceived and overseen by a Supreme Being whose most overwhelming attribute is love, was of such divine beauty as to nearly burst the human heart.

In his gradual descent from this majestic height of consciousness the old shaman passed through regions of heavenly beauty where celestial music of ineffable sweetness filled the air and he glimpsed trees in flamboyant flowery bloom; trees on whose limbs perched songbirds, singing a paean to life.

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