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Joy Huntley, Living Lover

Dr. Joy Huntley
Joy Huntley

I was born at an early age in Cincinnati Oh, with Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors on one side and the Folgers — Quaker Whalers of Nantucket Island — on the other. As I look back at age 64, I see the threads from my childhood interests to my current life. As I child I as very interested in God. Today I follow an eclectic spiritual discipline, based on Living Love and including 12 Steps, the Society of Friends (Quakers) and Buddhist tonglen meditation. As a child I liked school and being smart. I wound up earning a PhD and teaching for a living: At Ohio University I taught Political Science, with classes cross-listed in Womens’ Studies and Appalachian Studies, then administered a Service Learning program. I became interested in political/social/economic activism, primarily re the local feminist movement. helping to found University Child Care and Women’s Studies programs. Now I care about sprawl/WalMart challenges to this beautiful, progressive town. As a child I loved to move, especially dance. Eventually I performed, taught and now enjoy dance as an avocation. As a young girl, I enjoyed student politics and became a liberal Democrat in the most Republican city in the US because arguing politics with my rabidly Republican father was our most passionate and intimate contact.

I was curious about sex, romance and love, being self-sexual from age 6. Now I have the relationship of my dreams with Don Harse. He is 74, sexy, loving, supportive and smart. A retired builder, he now builds and rides recumbent bicycles, as well as writing low fat cookbooks. When I was a teen I decided to have one baby and adopt one. With my first husband I did exactly that and began to learn about unconditional love. Now I am the proud parent of David, a computer engineer and Maria, a wife, artist and mother of 8 year-old Jessica and 1 year old Makayla. Baby sitting them is a delight. I’m mostly retired, enjoying the above and recovering from radiation a year ago for a base-of-the-brain tumor (craniopharyngioma) It’s still there, but stopped for now, and I plan to tell the story of our relationship in a manuscript tentatively entitled, Talks With a Tumor.

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