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Andrew Pirie, Living Lover

Andrew Pirrie
Andrew Pirrie

Vital Statistics

Andrew is 66 years old, happily married with 5 children and 13 grandchildren. Always a thinker he spends much of his time in 'cloud cuckoo land!' Hobbies and interests: The Science of Happiness, God, the Universe, mankind and the world. He has a continuing desire to save the world and the universe. I think he would rather like to walk on water. Character wise Andrew is single minded, tiresomely persistent, submissive and compliant. He is fairly dyslexic and all writing has to be done with dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker to hand. An innate lack of confidence remains with him. He ran wild as a child, educated at a private school, his father was a doctor and his mother was very dominant and had great hopes for him. Andrew is most grateful for way his life unfolded. It all led him to The Science of Happiness.

Career history

  1. 1953-55 Farm worker near Alliston, Canada.
  2. 1955-56 Food salesman, UK, Fired.
  3. 1956-68 Farmer, innovative but unprofitable.
  4. 1968-72 Property developer, went bankrupt.
  5. 1972-74 Antique and craft shop. Went bust.
  6. 1974-75 Driving instructor, good at this but did not make ends meet; after thirteen people passed their tests in one week (which nearly emptied the books), the car had to be sold.
  7. 1975-81 Builder, self taught, did every thing himself, i.e. all trades so a bit dodgy; lost everything yet again. (An unpaid bill and his own debts)
  8. 1981-91 Youth training, ended up as the manager of a Youth Training Scheme. A bit naïve at this, but he enjoyed it very much. Given early retirement.
  9. 1991-96 Odd work of all types. Worked on swill feeding pig farm and did odd building jobs.
  10. Now retired, very busy and enjoys this. Andrew has always lived in disorganised chaos and his one major talent (which has always dogged him), is his aptitude for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) in anything and everything.

Addictive Past

Andrew came across the Handbook to Higher Consciousness in 1977 when everything around him was falling apart-broken marriage, financial ruin and it was all going from bad to worse. He was desperate to find a solution to both what was happening in his life and his own deep unhappiness. He looked at various options but none struck a chord until he came across the Handbook to Higher Consciousness in a small bookshop. He read just a few pages and it all seemed so obvious. He bought the book and carried it about with him wherever he went. He started to work on his addictive demands, but the initial going was rough. Sometimes he threw the Handbook across the room with frustration when his ego mind argued against the obvious common sense within its pages. Andrew kept it simple and used the five methods and the instant consciousness doubler. He also used the getting free books and the Handbook to Higher Consciousness Workbook.

At that time Andrew knew that all his addictions came from The Security Center, he was sure that he had no addictions at all in the Sensation Center or the Power Center. (How wrong he was)

Selection of Ten Addictions Upgraded to Preferences

  1. He confronted his heaviest addiction first- Jealousy. Andrew trusted no one especially when it came to relationships. About a year after his marriage broke down he formed a relationship with a lovely lady, but he quickly realised that he had bought all the problems he had in his previous relationship to this new relationship. He was always suspicious and possessive. The Handbook gave him the insight that this was inevitable- he was the same person in the new relationship that he was in the last one. He was constantly worried about what his partner was up to, but he now took responsibility and set to work. Consciousness focusing made a huge difference, but it was some time before this insidious addiction was upgraded to a preference. (According to the Getting Free books it ceased to present itself after 1982.) So it took about five years, a long haul, but well worth it. Andrew now has a beautiful relationship with the same lovely lady and no longer creates alienating thoughts in his head and his jealousy tapes have long since gone.
  2. He also started to work on his sensitivity to criticism. Especially personal criticism from someone close. There were many addictions involved and he worked on each one specifically. Using all the methods in the Handbook. Now no matter how personal or how severe the criticism may be it is always welcome: even the preference has faded.
  3. Addictions to sex.
  4. Addiction to Helen communicating.
  5. Addiction to not being told what to do.
  6. Addictions about getting things done 'yesterday.'
  7. A demand that the Living Love system get going in the UK.
  8. Demands for approval.
  9. Demand that his stocks and shares not fall in value.
  10. One very strong addiction was that no one else know what his addictions were. He kept all his workbooks well hidden. Anyone can see them now. Andrew has worked successfully on many addictions some of which he recorded in the getting free books and the Handbook to Higher Consciousness Workbook. Sometimes times he thought he was free of an addiction only to find years later that it reared its 'ugly head' again, but it has been a great transformation. Pathway number three is his favourite.

Addictive Present

(SC=Security Center, SenC=Sensation Center, PC=Power Center.)

Andrew still has plenty to do. He has not yet been successful with some of his Power Center addictions. Andrew feels rage when he hears of some of the horrendous crimes committed against people and individuals. He feels the same when he hears about cruelty to animals. He still occasionally gets angry when people are stupid and defiant. (Not himself of course, just those others.)

He also gets irritated when this stupid computer crashes, or some other computer problem turns up, though this one is well on the way out. There are more and he has the strangest of demands:- to always have demands to work on. That word LOVE he finds confusing. Andrew comes from a generation that viewed love as, soppy, silly, embarrassing, not for boys, for sissies and definitely something you did not say until you were in the back of a car! It has taken a long time for him to clear up this confusion but even now he is not totally comfortable with it.

Selection of Ten addictions Andrew Has Yet To Uplevel

  1. That people treat each other with respect and kindness. A biggy: PC (Personal Computer) (Intense anger)
  2. That people are not cruel to animals. A biggy: PC (Intense anger):
  3. That people not be defiant: PC (anger)
  4. To feel the intensity of anger. Issues initially from the Sensation Center: SenC (Boredom) & PC (Powerlessness)
  5. That Helen show gratitude when Andrew shows concern for her: PC (indignation)
  6. That the world live in peace: SC (apprehension)
  7. That he not make a stupid fool of himself: SC (fear)
  8. That he be much more articulate: SC (fear)
  9. That Andrew has plenty of money to see him through: SC (anxiety)
  10. That he not have his photo taken: SC (embarrassment)


Andrew has three nicknames. The first is Timetraveller UK. This is just what he called himself when he published his first website- Inoffence. The second is Sir Andrew and he is known as this locally in the village. He Knighted himself when he realised that the Queen was not going to! though he is the Lord of the Manor of Breech Hill (something he inherited). The third which is less fortunate is, The Village Idiot, this is because no one else seems to know what the hec he is talking about.

Andrew lives life in all of the first six centers of consciousness and chooses centers 4,5 & 6 when he remembers to. He is not able to choose the 7th- not at all, but he is aware that it takes over occasionally for odd moments.

All Ways Us Living Love.

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