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Casey Griffin and Craig Brown, Living Lovers

Craig Brown and Casey Griffin
Craig Brown and Casey Griffin


This’ll be short, since we’re packing and planning like crazy…

It’s been an interesting life… My motto, up to recently, has been "If its worth doing, its worth overdoing".

Doctors love that one and now the new motto is Make it last. Time for a poem.


We Begin…
A clear mountain stream
Spring fed
Fresh from the bosom of the earth.
As we grow
All rush and tumble
We can move boulders
And change the face of the world.
Later, silt laden and slow,
Through widening valleys and plains
We travel our question-mark paths
And at last
We merge with the ocean for a time
Only to be distilled by the sun
And raised by the clouds
For our return to the earth.
Craig, 1991

K.C. and I (short for Kathleen Ceil) Met in 1976 and have been hanging around together ever since. We’re sort of between the Rush and tumble and the Silt laden and slow. Living Love was my practice for years, K.C. is more the reading type and especially likes Krishnamurti.

ps…the hats we’re wearing in the picture were made by K.C.’s little grandaughter Sarah, aged 3 1/2. You wanna talk about enlightenment……

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