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CD-RW (Compact Disc Re-Writeable). CD-ROM (Compact Disc — Read Only Memory) drive that lets you create your own CD (Compact Disc) s, or copy existing ones, computer or audio. The blanks can be erased and cost about $2.10 CAD each. Last revised/verified: 2007-10-09 Usually the process of writing the reusable blanks is much slower than non-erasableones. UDF (Universal Disk Format) software such as DirectCD lets you treat the CD-RW as a giant floppy, adding to it a bit at a time. Most drives are either pure CD-ROM, or combination of CD-ROM, CD-R (Compact Disc — Recordable) and CD-RW. Speeds are written 8×4×32× meaning 8 times faster than an audio cd plays to write, 4 times faster to rewrite an erasableCD and 32 times faster to read.



Be careful discarding CDs. They may contain passwords, bank accounts, credit card info, identity theft info… A heavy duty shredder will destroy them.

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